Sexy Abs Fast !

See results in as early as 4 weeks!

GYM IN A BOX™ | Body Sculpting at Home

Get your Dream Body with the push of a button only ! Achieve the Waistline you’ve always wanted with GYM IN A BOX ™ Body Slimmer . Ultimate Toning Technology integrated into a waist slimming high compression body shaper, stimulating the abdominal muscles. Designed to strip off love handles and stubborn belly fat. The modern corset design helps to develop an instant hourglass figure while looking and feeling great.

GYM IN A BOX ™ CoreWrapGYM IN A BOX CoreWrap GYM IN A BOX ™ CoreWrapGYM IN A BOX CoreWrap
Sexy Abs & instant hourglass figure
Without even lifting a finger, sculpt the body of your dreams. Look better, feel better, perform better!

#BusyMom Testimonials

Jasmin G.

"It's an extraordinary product. I'm very happy with it. I use it everyday while doing my morning routine"


"Since I gave birth I wasn’t really feeling good in my skin anymore... now being able to trim down my belly fat with this great new technology, . it helped me so much with my postpartum belly recovery, it’s life changing!"

Hannah S.

"It works! I fit in my old jeans after 2 weeks"

Testimony Studies & Results


100% of our testimonials reported there abdominal
muscles felt firmer and more toned after 6 weeks.

92% of users felt that the firmness and strength
of their ab muscles have increased.


Gym In A Box™ CoreWrap

  • Ultimate Toning Technology to instantly contract muscles and burn calories
  • Patented Smart Fabric Muscle Boosters featuring Silver Ions, provide a variety of muscle toning, waist slimming, skin and health benefits from the moment it touches your skin, and contracts your muscles.

Technology and Science Meets Lifestyle

Fitness Fashion featuring integrated Toning Technology: A new way to exercise without having to spend hours in the gym.

Use it anywhere, anytime - At home, at the gym, outside, or on the go.

Use the code DOUBLE to get 20% off 2 CoreWraps!

Who we are

Nika is an experienced Fitness Tech entrepreneur. She is a certified EMS (Electro Muscular Stimulation) personal fitness trainer and a pioneering force in the field of EMS Tech application in the US. Nika has created the ‘Gym In A Box™’ concept to empower people to look better, perform better, and feel better.

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