User Guide


1.Before wearing the CoreWrap, attach the power box to the snaps on the outside part of the wrap. Make sure that the power box is off.

2.Spray the electrode pads with some water using the spray bottle included in the box. Also spray some water on your stomach.

3.Put the core wrap around your waist area, stretch out the core wrap, then gently position the wrap, making sure your belly button is positioned in between the two silver electrode pads. Then wrap it over the Velcro attachment until it’s secured.

4.With the outer 2 hook and loop flaps of the wrap (attached to the outer neoprene belt with Velcro parts), bring them over to the front. Adjust the fit of the wrap accordingly, you can loosen or tighten it to your desired fit.

5.Push the ON/inc button of your power box, you can now choose which option you want by pushing the program button from 1-4. Just try all toning programs, they are all amazing.

6.Then you can gradually increase or decrease the contraction intensity by pushing the ON/INC button several times (10 intensities). Start slowly to get used to the sensation and don not overdo it. One session a day is sufficient to reduce inches and burn extra calories fast, visible results in 4-6 weeks!

7.To turn it Off, simply push the PROGRAM button to 4 then push the OFF button. Or just detach the controller unit from the snaps.


 8. Make sure to never open or take off your Corewrap while the power is still ON, always shut it OFF first!



1. Please use the core wrap with care. Gradually work your way into the wrap. Do not force the wrap around your waist. Make sure that the skin contact area is properly aligned in between your belly button covering your ab area and that it’s is neither too tight nor too loose.

2. When adjusting the intensity of the muscle contraction, please start with a low setting & gradually increase power accordingly. The toning cycle is set automatically on a minimum of 12minutes, please do not exceed this usage at a time. Only increase the intensity in a way that you are comfortable with. If discomfort exists, please turn off the power immediately. Please make sure that you turn off your power controller box before taking off the CoreWrap.

3. After spraying the e-pads with water, wipe out excess water and make sure that the pads are evenly wet.

4. Do not sleep or eat using our CoreWrap. You may use the wrap standing or doing physical activities (in OFF mode), but not more than 5-6 hours. Abusing the use of the wrap may cause the stabilizing muscles of the lower back to loose their tone.

5. For faster & more efficient results, we recommend that you have a healthy balanced diet & a weekly workout regimen.

6. If you have back problems or any injuries please consult your medical practitioner before using this product.

7. This is not recommended for pregnant women, please avoid using this product if you are pregnant.


 8. For those with sensitive skin or prone to allergies, it is not recommended to wear the neoprene product. If you have a silver / metal allergy, you may wear a wet under shirt and use the Core Wrap on top of the wet shirt, make sure its really wet though before starting the toning cycle.

9. The CoreWrap may feel tight the first time you wear it, but it will get more comfortable after a few days wearing it.

10. If you must, you may wash the CoreWrap before wearing it for the first time but make sure that the power box is not attached to it. The Power Controller Unit must be protected from all liquids.


▪ Hand wash only.

▪ Wash with warm water and mild soap.

▪ Do not tumble dry.

▪ Do not rub the cloth.

▪ Do not use fabric softener.

▪ Do not expose to the sun.

▪ Dry with a soft towel and hang to air dry.

▪ Do not iron. Do not put in a washing machine.No chlorine bleaching. No Dry cleaning.



1. Using a measuring tape, position the tape at the crease of your waist which will be above your   belly button.

2. Compare your waistline to our size chart, and choose which size accordingly.

3. If you have any questions or is unsure about the sizing please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


User Guide