GYM IN A BOX Ambassador Program


We have been restructuring our very successful Brand Ambassador program, giving your more benefits and more earnings. 

WHY JOIN? It’s a totally free program with no buy in!We are looking for health and fitness enthusiasts to join our team and help spread the word about the amazing results and benefits and versatility of GYM IN A BOX. 

  • No high pressure sales, no buy in, no confusing comp plans, no massive following needed . . . simply share your love of GYM IN A BOX with friends and earn $$ and get REDUCED PRICES on all GYM IN A BOX products!

Just apply via Email , get your unique referral code, and share your link with interested friends, family, and followers! 

  •  Earn commission
  •  Get discounts on products
  •  Enjoy early access to promos 



We are looking for motivated individuals to experience a life-changing body & facial transformation and are looking for amazing business opportunities in the fitness, beauty, wellness & lifestyle field.

Attention: This is NO MLM type Affiliate structure ! You’re getting a lot of high end products to a very low price because we want to help you kickstart your business and see you succeed! One time only initial Starter KIT purchase, no monthly inventory costs, no pyramid scheme!
Ready to create the business and life you say you want? Are you willing to take a more collaborative and effective approach to pursuing and achieving your business goals? Start today👇🏼

For GYM IN A BOX independent Ambassadors

YOU ONLY PAY 50 % of our regular product price and independently sell and ship it to your network.

We recommend to get our Starter KIT 

Your $ 799  valued Package is just $ 299* 

*Extra Bonus: You may purchase your Starter KIT via Afterpay  when purchased from our website: Shop it today and pay us later in 4 interest free installments! 

*Started KIT offer only for Ambassadors that signed up for our program

*No returns on Starter KITS!

*Free Shipping in the USA

*Includes Your Body & Facial Contouring Starter Set , FREE Training Session, FREE Consultation!

BUY 2 Starter KITS (Have your friends join our GYM IN A BOX journey as well) and get your FREE Healthy AGING Guide personally signed by the Author & GYM IN A BOX founder, Nika Cristiani. Value: $ 32.90 

YOUR GIFT when purchasing 2 Starter KITS:

It’s time you put yourself FIRST! Start your body transformation NOW and generate an extra income by selling GYM IN A BOX to your network! 

What's Included In Your Premium GYM IN A BOX Ambassador


Your Customized Body & Facial Sculpting Package Includes:

(1) GYM IN A BOX FitBelt


Industry-leading and state-of-the-art technology attacks your stubborn areas! You will lose inches and feel amazing when you finally fit into those “skinny” jeans you’ve banished to the back of your closet!

REGULAR PRICE: $289 Ambassador Price: $ 99


Think of it as a workout for your facial muscles. Microcurrent technology belongs to a group of beauty treatments called 'cosmetic electrotherapy' which uses low-energy electric currents to stimulate the nervous system, boost the cellular metabolism and tone the tiny muscles that structure the face.

REGULAR PRICE: $169 Ambassador Price: $ 80

2) GYM IN A BOX LOVE YOUR BODY by NIKA BodySculpting & Workout Enhancer GEL 

The Worlds FIRST Skincare line with topical Creatine ! A targeted combination for the most optimum of results. Helps to smooth the body skin’s appearance, as it firms and tones. Benefits: Lifting & Firming , Toning & Tightening, Skin Rejuvenation, Deep Skin Hydration, Collagen Support, Anti Crepey Skin Effect, Workout Enhancement

REGULAR PRICE: $69   Ambassadors Price: $ 45

3) GYM IN A BOX  LIFTMYLASH Heated Eyelash Lift & Curler 

Say Goodbye to traditional eyelash curlers, Hello to The World’s First  Rechargeable Heated Electric Eyelash Curler. Stop the lash lull with our awarded Eyelash Lift & Curl Device. A do it yourself rechargeable heated lash lift that applies just the right amount of gentle heat to revitalize & lift all lashes - lash extensions, fake lashes, real lashes , works with or without mascara.

REGULAR PRICE: $89.  Ambassador Price: $ 35


Regular Package Price 

$ 799 SAVE over 50 %

Special GYM IN A BOX Ambassador

Price ONLY  $299 *

*Must sign our Ambassador Agreement



 Our Expert Staff Will Be With You Every Step of Your GYM IN A BOX Affiliate Journey!

You can build your own individualized STARTER KIT by choosing your favorite products from our website:



Which social networks will you be primarily using to promote our products? Please provide your social links in an Email to:

What are the Requirements?
No matter your following count or how big you are on social media, everyone is welcome to join our affiliate program! You can also be based anywhere in the world.

Do I get Free GYM IN A BOX  Products?
With our affiliate program, we don’t provide free products. However, based on statistics and our current affiliates, we highly recommend you purchase our

GYM IN A BOX Affiliate Starter KIT to 50 % off the regular price including FREE GIFTS & CONSULTATION to help you promote as this increases your chances of generating sales  by over 70%!

We offer you an exclusive 50 % Affiliate Discount on our GYM IN A BOX products to make it easier for you to get this business started and generate great profits.

If you wish to purchase any of our products to help you boost sales we offer you a 50 % discount. You must be a registered Brand Ambassador who has been accepted in order to take advantage of this unbeatable discount.

Photos, Videos & Extras:
We are happy to provide images and videos of our products that you can use on your website, YouTube Chanel or Social Media Account. If this is something you are interested in to help you boost sales please contact us and we will be more than happy to send you an Ambassador media kit via email.

How to Apply:
Simply write us an email to :

You will need to fill out the quick registration form. Please make sure that all information is correct.

Once you have completed your application form, it will be sent directly to our GYM IN A BOX  Affiliate staff who will accept your application.

You will receive an email via the email you have provided on your application form stating you have been accepted along. We will contact you with questions in regards of the starter KIT and sending you your special 50 % Discount Code. along with more information to help you make the most out of our program, including a guide and tips and tricks!

How does it work ?

If you have some time on your hands, maybe think about how easy it is to start an extra income with selling Gym In A Box ! 

How to Promote GYM IN A BOX 
The more you promote our brand and products, the more sales you generate, the more you will earn! 

GYM IN A BOX Pamper parties

Please share your experience with the product, your transformation, how many inches you have lost using it and how it helped you getting rid of extra belly fat, before/after content and how much it has helped you get in great shape . Just be authentic and take them on your journey! Authenticity and the truth always sells best! We know it really works, now share the benefits and results with the entire world and generate an extra income!

Please use the hashtags that we will supply you with in your confirmation email.

Website: This is a highly successful method to generate quick and frequent sales. For example, you may be a blogger with a website and write a blog about GYM IN A BOX . 

YouTube: If you have a YouTube channel this is a great and fast way to sell new amazing products.  We are always looking for new YouTubers to work with. Please contact us if you are a YouTuber for more information.

Social Media: Another popular and successful way is to promote via social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest and others. We recommend you post frequently on social media promoting our GYM IN A BOX products if you are looking to generate as many sales as possible. For example, by posting frequently on your Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat story and putting OUR WEBSITE  link in your bio (best to put it in the web address link so people can by simply by clicking on the link), you may call yourself “  GYM IN A BOX BRAND AMBASSADOR “. How about hosting "Pamper Parties ", best way to sell our awesome products to your friends and family! 

GYM IN A BOX Pamper Parties

Friends & Family: Another great way is promoting to your friends and family. This can be done via word of mouth or via a private social media account. Your friends and family will be more than happy to support you by purchasing via your unique discount code and link to our website.


If you have more questions that have not been answered, please feel free to contact us via email 

Happy to keep working with you all again and don’t forget to tell all your friends about this !

Sign up today, what are you waiting for?

Invite your Besties and start your first GYM IN A BOX Pamper Party , have fun, help others looking and feeling more beautiful and adapting a healthy lifestyle, simply by pushing a button. And the best part? Your new business will help you pay your bills instantly because you’re your own boss and the more you sell, the more you earn - you don’t have to wait to get paid, you’ll have your profit in your hand !

You’re the master of your own universe, as it should be!

Warmly, your GYM IN A BOX Team



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