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    Are you a GYM IN A BOX L.A.  fan and love our Magical Body Contouring Fitness Apparel?
    Do you talk about GYM IN A BOX to your friends, family, and followers all the time?
    We value the quality content and diverse community from our social platforms, and want you to be a part of our  Magic World of GYM IN A BOX  Affiliate Program!
    Become an Affiliate and start earning.
    Earn a very generous 20 % commission for every successful referral 30 day affiliate tracking cookie and personalized discount code.

    If you love GYM IN A BOX Magic Waist Trainer   and want to earn extra money, why not join our affiliate team! Our affiliate program is completely free now and always will be!


    Unlike most affiliate programs you can earn 20 % commission on each sale you generate with your affiliate link, whereas most other brands offer much lower commission rates such as 5% – 10%. Please read below to find out more information and how to apply.

    Which social networks will you be primarily using to promote our products? Please provide your social links in an Email to:

    What are the Requirements?
    No matter your following count or how big you are on social media, everyone is welcome to join our affiliate program! You can also be based anywhere in the world.

    Do I get Free GYM IN A BOX  Products?
    With our affiliate program, we don’t provide free products. However, based on statistics and our current affiliates, we highly recommend you purchase your favourite product to help you promote as this increases your chances of generating a sale by over 70%!

    We also offer you an exclusive $ 50 Affiliate Discount on our GYM IN A BOX Magic Waist Trainer to make it easier for you to get this business started!


    If you wish to purchase any of our products to help you boost sales we can offer them at a special discounted price. You must be a registered affiliate who has been accepted in order to take advantage of this discount.

    Photos, Videos & Extras:
    We are happy to provide images and videos of our products that you can use on your website, YouTube Chanel or Social Media Account. If this is something you are interested in to help you boost sales please contact us and we will be more than happy to send you an affiliate extras kit via email.

    How to Apply:
    Simply head to our registration page , write us an email to : info@gyminabox.La 
    or click here to apply. You will need to fill out the quick registration form. Please make sure that all information is correct as once you start making sales the money you have earnt will be forwarded to your PayPal Account after 30 days.

    Once you have completed your application form, it will be sent directly to our GYM IN A BOX  Affiliate staff who will accept your application.

    You will receive an email via the email you have provided on your application form stating you have been accepted along. We will contact you with your unique affiliate link via email or Instagram private message along with more information to help you make the most out of our program, including a guide and tips and tricks!

    How does it work ?

    Gym In A Box  Ambassador program

    If you have some time on your hands, maybe think about how easy it is to start an extra income with promoting Gym In A Box Electronic Waist Trainer! Please ask your questions in here, our fabulous Gym In A Box FitSquad is here to help and support you! They are earning amazing commissions just by recommending the CoreWrap and sharing their journey and body shaping results with them!

    Take advantage of our great product and how it helps people to slim down in just a few weeks!

    How to Promote GYM IN A BOX Magic Waist Trainer:
    The more you promote our brand and products, the more sales you generate, the more you will earn! It is important that you encourage those who wish to purchase to buy through your unique affiliate discount code as this is how you generate commission. Sales made outside of your discount code ( 10 % off) will not be linked to you so make the most of your personal discount code!


    Please share your experience with the product, your transformation, how many inches you have lost using it and how it helped you getting rid of extra belly fat, before/after content and how much it has helped you get in great shape . Just be authentic and take them on your journey! Authenticity and the truth always sells best! We know it really works, now share the benefits and results with the entire world and generate an extra income!

    Please use the hashtags that we will supply you with in your confirmation email.

    Website: This is a highly successful method to generate quick and frequent sales. For example, you may be a blogger with a website and write a blog about GYM IN A BOX MAGIC WAIST TRAINER . You can add your unique discount code and a link to our shop to the blog for those reading to click through the link and purchase.

    Gym In A Box Affiliate Tier Structure

    YouTube: If you have a YouTube channel this is a great and fast way to earn commission. Simply add your unique discount code to the description box and our website www.GYMINABOX.La so that viewers and subscribers can purchase via your link. We are always looking for new YouTubers to work with. Please contact us if you are a YouTuber for more information.

    Social Media: Another popular and successful way is to promote via social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest and others. We recommend you post frequently on social media promoting our GYM IN A BOX products if you are looking to earn as much commission as possible. For example, by posting frequently on your Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat story and putting OUR WEBSITE  link in your bio (best to put it in the web address link so people can by simply by clicking on the link), you may call yourself “  GYM IN A BOX BRAND AMBASSADOR “.

    Friends & Family: Another great way is promoting to your friends and family. This can be done via word of mouth or via a private social media account. Your friends and family will be more than happy to support you by purchasing via your unique discount code and link to our website.

    If you have more questions that have not been answered, please feel free to contact us via email or Instagram private message.

    It is totally for free, no extra costs to join, no inventory required except your own GYM IN A BOX COREWRAP that you can purchase with an exclusive Ambassador Discount $ 50 OFF the regular price. That’s all you need to get this business started, it’s a win win!
    Ask us for the Ambassador Discount !


    Just tell your folks to swing by our online shop and experience it for themselves. As an extra bonus, we have a personalized 10 % Discount code that you can gift  to them , they just have to apply it at checkout 
    You will earn incredible 20 % commission on everything they purchase on our website ! 

    It is really easy and convenient, payouts are via PayPal after 30 days.

    Additionally, you can get even higher commissions when you add more Affiliates to the team! Ones they purchased their GYM IN A BOX Ambassador CoreWrap, you’ll immediately move to the next higher commission tier. 

    Let’s get this great and profitable business started!





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