Nika & Nino Cristiani

The FOunders“Our mission is to  empower people to get stronger, fitter and more beautiful.   Gym In A Box™ 'Tone At Home' fits perfectly into this new Zeitgeist. Look better, feel better, perform better!”


Nika is an experienced Fitness Tech entrepreneur. She is a certified STIM-FIT Power trainer and a pioneering force in the field of Stim-Tech application in the US. Nika has created the  ‘Gym In A Box’ concept to empower women to look better,  feel better & perform better. Especially since COVID-19 literally forced everyone to train at home, Nika felt this was the perfect time to focus on creating affordable at home toning products based on cutting-edge technology. Nika is the Design Director for the GYM IN A BOX™ ultimate toning technology empowered active wear, designed, made and manufactured locally, in Los Angeles, USA. Nika Cristiani created THE WORLD'S FIRST ELECTRONIC CORSET, GYM IN A BOX ® CoreWrap.

Nino Cristiani CPO
Nino is an EMS fitness pioneer in Germany and the US. He is an unrivaled expert in the application potential of STIM-FIT Technologies. As the CPO, Inventor and Developer of GYM IN A BOX™'s patented ToneUp15™ Technology, Nino has a deep seated technical and application knowledge and is highly skilled in the design of effective fitness routines around innovative training technologies. Together with Nika Cristiani, Nino has been running the exclusive E-Balance PowerGym in Los Angeles since 2016, providing high-end Celebrity Training specialized on  Body Toning Technologies, reaching great benefits for his exclusive clientele. With GYM IN A BOX ® they are now happily providing the consumer with the amazing benefits of this scientifically-proven and totally safe technology.

Headquarters Los Angeles, CA "Made with love in L.A. "

About Us – Changing fitness the way Netflix changed entertainment 

Cristiani's Balance, Fitness & Nutrition, LLC is a Los Angeles based manufacturer developing a range of smart-clothing based fitness apparel that feature integrated fitness technology for massage, body toning and skin improvement.

Our aim is to become for the fitness segment what Netflix has become for the entertainment space, putting the consumer in charge of where and when to engage in fitness through active fitness clothing. 

Based on scientifically proven muscle stim technology, we developed ToneUp15 Toning Tech. Wire Free, no Gel Pads, washable ( hygienic), seamless smart fabric integration, invisible technology, shape wear effect, fashionable designs and comfortable fit. Our patented technology is called “ ToneUp15™ “ , since the recommended training time  is 12-15 min., which scientifically proven equals a 2 hour conventional workout session with weights.

Our Smart Fabric toning apparel provides a ‘Gym in a Box ® ’ benefit that allows fitness conscious consumers to achieve effective workouts simply by wearing it - either in workouts or everyday situations - without the time and cost disadvantages of having to use a Gym.

Our ultra effective activewear can also be incorporated in conventional workouts , at the gym and yoga studio, outdoors on hikes or other activities, to deliver an 18 times efficiency in just 15 minutes.