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January 2023
Nika & Nino Cristiani voted “ Inventors Of The Year 2022“

Recognized for our pioneering work in advancing electronic muscle stimulating & body sculpting technology “ToneUp15 ®️ “ and for revolutionizing the fitness & beauty industry with cutting SMART Apparel & Beauty Devices: The pioneers in advanced Healthy Aging Solutions: NIKA & NINO Cristiani | Cristiani’s Balance, Fitness & Nutrition, LLC Beverly Hills, California

GYM IN A BOX CoreWrap awarded 
“ PRODUCT OF THE MONTH NOVEMBER & December  2021” in Business Stage Magazine ! 

Gym In A Box CoreWrap was just voted “ Product Of The Month!” by Orhideal IMAGE Int.  Entrepreneur Magazine - thank you for featuring us , we are so honored.

Find out everything about the hottest new fitness device & technology, designed & manufactured in Los Angeles, California & it’s creators Nika Cristiani
& Nino Cristiani , Founders of Cristiani's Balance Fitness & Nutrition, LLC Beverly Hills

GYM IN A BOX Nika Cristiani & Nino Cristiani Product of the Month

Nika is a qualified nutritionist and Fitness specialist, Nino completed his fitness trainer expertise at the renowned Stuttgart Sports Academy Kiedaisch. Together, the two of them have a successful career spanning decades with innovative fitness & health concepts in Germany as the base for their US companies and enterprises.


Nika and Nino Cristiani Gym In A Box Product Of The Month November 2021
Their ‘Gym In A Box™️’ product line was designed & created in Los Angeles, California, to mainly support women with the latest fitness technologies to integrate fitness and health seamlessly and effortlessly into their hectic everyday life in an easy and affordable way (prices are between $ 79 and $ 499).



Nika and Nino Cristiani Gym In A Box Product Of The Month November 2021
Meanwhile, however, a large male clientele is already loving and enjoying the first product, the “CoreWrap”, the “world‘s first electronic waist trainer”, which specializes in reducing the waist size and declaring war on the belly fat. Available for women and men, the product has already developed into the hottest new fitness & lifestyle trend in LA, loved and hyped by the hottest Instagram fitness & beauty influencers, please find their amazing body transformations and incredible before -after content on
GYMINABOX.LA on Instagram



Nika and Nino Cristiani Gym In A Box Product Of The Month November 2021
The patent pending new technology „ToneUp15®️“ is based on conventional Stim- Fit- technology, which CRISTIANIS BALANCE has completely reissued and miniaturized, to make it consumer-friendly, safe and easy to use,together with its tech team and engineers in Menlo Park, Silicon Valley. Cabling and bulging gel pad electrodes have been replaced with the latest materials that are seamlessly processed into compression fabrics using the latest wearable clothing technology and at first glance look like regular, stylish , trendy fitness clothing, without annoying cabling, without the conventional cumbersome“ Robocop- look” of similar devices , making them hygienic (washable), accessible and affordable for everyone and specifically targeting women’s demands, needs and troubled areas. The products fit like a glove and is designed for every body type and every adult age.

A toning & massage session runs in
an automated 12-minute cycle, includes different programs for fat loss, against cellulite and stretch marks, for core and back strengthening and with a deep massage function, everything is very easy to operate with just the push of a button.

The multitude of GYM IN A BOX 5 star Customer ratings speak for themselves!

Their expertise comes from being Fitness Technology Gym Owners and Experts for decades in Europe, but also they established the first Stim-Fit Gym in the USA in 2016, as Stim-Fit Pioneers in the USA.
Located between the exclusive Marina Del Rey and the fitness mecca of Venice Beach, the “E-Balance PowerGym” is frequented by Hollywood stars and starlets as well as the rich and famous of LA, allowing Nika and Nino to experiment with the latest fitness trends from around the world and constantly improving and perfecting ourselves to meet the fitness, beauty and slimming needs of some of the world‘s most demanding customers.

With COVID, of course, the CRISTIANIS fitness company was also closed for 18 months, so the couple decided to instead focus 100% on the development and production of the first product decoupling and successfully launched the first product during the lockdowns, helping people to stay fit at home and also enjoy the benefits of a nice massage. “ Look better, feel better & perform better with the push of a button only “ is the purpose of the new Power-Apparel Line.

This decision was the cornerstone for the launch of one of the hottest
newest fitness product: GYM
IN A BOX CoreWrap, Electronic Waist - Trainer/ Massager- Fitness Corset.

Nino Cristiani
has been a successful celebri-ty personal trainer and boxing coach for 30 years and has been a pioneer in the fitness techno- logy sector for 20 years. This extraordinary wealth of experi- ence flows into the development of theGymInABox™️product range on a daily basis. Nika and Nino, in particular, pioneered Stim- Fit Fitness Training in the US. It has the potential to revolutionize fitness and increase the effectiveness of conventional training by up to 20- fold.

In Europe, these cutting-edge training methods have been used at the upper end of the fitness spectrum for decades. For top athletes this means maximum training effectiveness and for everyone else a fit and toned body with mi- nimal expenditure of time. „Most people simply do not have the time and discipline to achieve their fit- ness goals. Stim- Fit Fitness technology can be the key to solving this problem, ”says Nika. To achieve this, Nika has developed the “Gym In A Box TM ” product line , simplified & miniaturized it and made in comfortable, safe and consumer friendly, delivering massager boosters that increase the sweat function , burn extra calories and tone the body while delivering a nice massage. ToneUp15 ®️ was born !

Approximately 1 million dollars in private assets and investments went into this development and GYM IN A BOX first product launch in the USA.

With the help of a team of fitness tech, fashion and startup experts in Los Angeles and Silicon Valley, Nika‘s goal was to adapt advanced fitness technology so that it could be seamlessly integrated into a range of exclusive but affordable athleisure products to be worn and activated in simple everyday situations. “Our concept ‘Gym In A Box ‘ will bring the revolutionary potential of Stim-Fit Technologies into our customers‘ everyday lives and enable them to look better, feel better and perform better in just 15 minutes a day” , says Nika.

Our GYm IN A BOX is designed for seamless integration into a wide range of fitness apparel. Designed in the glamorous metropolis of Los Angeles to be fashion-conscious and stylish, the first product GYM IN A BOX CoreWrap Electronic Waist Trainer“ was launched in 2021, upcoming products are the „Biceps & Triceps Sleeves“ and „Jeans Hot-Pants for lifting the Booty”, the Power-Yoga-Pants and a revolutionary new face mask for tightening the skin and jaw line .

Nika says with passion: “Achieving this was anything but easy. We had huge challenges due to COVID lockdowns, etc., the establishment of a new technology and brand in the USA, was associated with many hurdles and hard work and discipline. But I‘m so excited about what we‘re doing that it feels like nothing can stop us, never giving up, that‘s our motto. When people tell me, „You can‘t do that, you won’t succeed, it’s too hard “, that is my greatest incentive. In order to compete with Million Dollar of companies, you have to have courage and trust yourself and just work harder than anyone else. And this concept worked! Especially in these unprecedented times of COVID-19, we felt that we had to bring something to the world that would enable people to feel more beautiful, fitter and healthier from the safety of their own home, but also incorporate it into their conventional training routines to bring their fitness goals to the next level with GYM IN A BOX.

Usually these kind of technologies are only available to the rich and famous, and that‘s exactly what we wanted to change. We think, EVERYONE deserves to do something good for themselves and to feel better” , says Nika.

After the first GYM IN A BOX product has already been successfully launched on the American market, CRISTIANIS BALANCE has now turned their attention to global sales and are looking for US & International cooperation partners / investors for GYM IN A BOX world- wide. Their product range can be incorporated into any sporting hood store, existing online store, beauty, wellness and shop - in shop system, hotel-spa’s and used for sports rehabilitation and physical therapy.

Attention Gym-Owners & Personal-Trainers: This is an amazing opportunity to „revive“ your fitness services? Gym In A Box “ PRO” also allows for any gym or personal trainer to virtually build digital programs/courses/coaching without much guesswork. Not only will this give you the ability to serve your clients with something extra- ordinary, it will build an extra stream of income for your business. Your clients can purchase out Gym In A Box devises through your gym business, incorporate them into your training techniques but also use them at home to stay fit on training free days . Eventually, this will open up a range of opportunities that you have never considered. Provide massive value to those around you no matter what, and you will always win. All of our products can also easily be incorporated into any fitness studio, personal training business or online fitness class in order to multiply the training efficiency of conventional workouts. The gains? More profit for the gym owner / personal trainer and multiple benefits for the customer!

Find the the latest TV feature about their extraordinary success story and revolutionary invention here: : land/ ml?fbclid=IwAR22Es7PNJYtIpGCTkZuJuyw26 RNrBmU68G8CubdTp4oL0_4KaC8OvnyREg

Invest in GYM IN A BOXIf you are interested in U.S.A. or International GYM IN A BOX ™️ Cooperations, Distribution or Invest- ments, please send inquiries to: GYM IN A BOX®️ Nika Cristiani Keyword: GIAB Investors / Distributors

Get yours here  to experience it for yourself and to find out, , what happy customers  worldwide  are raving  about:
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May 27, 2021:  Special TV show on German "ZDF" Primetime " Hello Deutschland" Featuring Nika & Nino Cristiani & their revolutionary invention, GYM IN A BOX, established 2017 & launched Winter 2020
June 2021: How Radio Host JLOVE lost 40 pounds after he decided to get back in shape after a heart attack....Hear how GYM IN A BOX helped him lose 40 pounds and get healthier, fitter and happier again...The Revolution RadioShow on IHeart Radio presents: Today Radio Show Host JLOVE talks about his amazing Weightloss results - 40 pounds- and how Gym In A Box CoreWrap helped him get in shape! 
Special Feature about our Founders Nika Cristiani and how she created GYM IN A BOX in early 2017.
Great article from June 2021  in Germany’s biggest daily Newspaper "BILD" with over 7.5 Million readers per issue.
Nika Cristiani, Creator of Gym In A Box established 2017
Nika & Nino Cristiani on, a special feature abouut their ToneUp15 Technology invention around STIM-Fit and how they created GYM IN A BOX ™ in early 2017.

Cristiani’s Balance, Fitness & Nutrition, LLC debuts cutting edge fitness wear – GYM IN A BOX™, the ultimate body toning technology. The wearable modern Corset-like body shaper with integrated, patent pending new STIM-FIT  toning technology delivers the benefits of extensive workouts without the exertions.







Gym In A Box at 2 NEWS

According to announcements released by Cristiani’s Balance, Fitness & Nutrition, LLC in Beverly Hills and Nika & Nino Cristiani, the CoreWrap is a posture enhancing waist trimmer that delivers the benefits of exercise without physical exertions.


This sweat belt, toning belt, and full belly fat reduction garment is cable-free, washable, and features invisible smart fabric integration for a shapewear effect and a very comfortable fit. The Smart Apparel is the result of years of R&D by Nika & Nino, and their efforts carried out at Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach have yielded this GYM IN A BOX™, which epitomizes advances in fitness technologies. In fact, this toning product for women heralds next-generation muscle toning technology for women.


The patent-pending ToneUp15™ uses Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology, and its Silver Muscle Contracting technology is present in all Smart Apparel offered through GYM IN A BOX™ to provide benefits that include muscle toning, abs tightening, fat reduction, and waist slimming. Pure silver ions woven into the fabric facilitate muscle contractions and initiate the coveted hourglass figure’s development. The Smart Apparel also helps mitigate muscle fatigue and soreness. The product is exceptionally stylish, luxurious, and very comfortable to wear; this makes it an ideal choice for evening walks, a stroll on the beach, or when stepping out to visit the supermarket.

Gym In A Box at THE TIMES

The inventors have taken pains to ensure affordability without compromising on quality and effectiveness. Users will experience visible slimming results, fast. The apparel is easily controlled via the ToneUp15™ Controller; it allows the user to select any of the six toning modes and four intensities – muscle stimulation; performance boost, toning; shaping, anti-cellulite; massage, sweat, fat burn. The recommended optimum use for best results is two cycles a day or 12 minutes to 15 minutes each, which yields the effects of a 2-hour regular workout.

Gym In A Box at the STAR TRIBUNE

The GYM IN A BOX™ is a new take on a successful existing technology that has been used successfully in Europe. It is revolutionary, and it is for women. The company is proud to play a role in enabling women to gain fitness, health, beauty, and feel better in these uncertain times when lockdowns and social distancing norms have ushered in a new normal where maintaining a fitness schedule is no longer easy. Expensive personal training and costly home training products are not the ideal solutions for everyone, and therefore this company has chosen to make its product affordable for all. For more information, visit

Gym In A Box at the BOSTON HERALD

Nika and Nino Cristiani of Cristiani’s Balance, Fitness & Nutrition, LLC in Beverly Hills said, “This is a Beverly Hills based, female founder startup designing, developing & manufacturing locally in BH a range of smart-clothing based Activewear for women that features integrated new revolutionary fitness technology for muscle stimulation, body toning, shaping and fat burn at home.


Their first product that has just launched is the GYM IN A BOX™ CoreWrap. It’s a muscle toning technology-infused body shaper, waist trimmer that tones abdominals, reduces stubborn belly fat, improves the skin condition, creates an hourglass figure, and improves posture.


The business aims to become for the fitness segment what Netflix has become for the entertainment space, putting the female consumer in charge of where and when to engage in fitness through their new revolutionary, patent-pending ToneUp15 ™ Thermal Silver Muscle Stimulating Activewear line.”


On how the technology works, Nika and Nino Cristiani said, “The technology uses low level new generation electrical stimulation of your muscles to achieve muscle contractions that are similar to a mechanical workout, such as crunches etc. Ai the top level, it is used by athletes to achieve peak workout performance. For daily use it provides a great support for regular workouts without having to do taxing manual workouts.”