Revolutionizing Fitness With Smart Technology

Revolutionizing Fitness With Smart Technology

Introducing GYM IN A BOX where luxury meets innovation! The most prestigious Smart Fitness product line revolutionizing workouts!
Say goodbye to traditional workouts, and experience a new era of fitness.
Get ready to redefine your body in style.
We are revolutionizing the fitness world using exclusive ToneUp15® technology, developed and established in 2015 in the Beverly Hills, California by Cristiani's Balance, Fitness & Nutrition, LLC. 
Experience a luxurious workout like never before. Unleash your full potential and sculpt your body effortlessly. Elevate your fitness journey with the ultimate exercise innovation. Unleash the power within.

Our award-winning technology, ToneUp15®, is meticulously designed to elevate your fitness routine. Developed by the esteemed Cristiani duo, recipients of the "Inventors of the Year" award, this luxurious gem is a testament to their 25 years of pioneering EMS Fitness Technology.
GYM IN A BOX - the epitome of luxury and innovation in fitness. With our award-winning Smart Fitness products and cutting-edge ToneUp15® technology, we're here to revolutionize your workout experience. Let us remove the barriers and unveil a new world of health, beauty, and fitness. Join the elite and elevate your fitness routine!
With over 25 years of expertise in creating and manufacturing cutting-edge EMS devices, we have achieved incredible results for elite clients worldwide we have exceeded expectations for elite clients worldwide including celebrities and pro athletes.
Our patented ToneUp15® technology revolutionizes workouts, redefining the fitness experience.

Unleash your full potential with GYM IN A BOX - where luxury meets fitness. Our innovative ToneUp15® technology will revolutionize your workout routine. Experience the ultimate in muscle stimulation and feel the luxury of fitness like never before.
With a prestigious clientele including A-list celebrities, elite athletes, and discerning individuals worldwide, the Cristiani family's legacy speaks for itself. Immerse yourself in the opulence of ToneUp15® technology, a patented marvel that revolutionizes the way we train our muscles.
The Cristiani’s groundbreaking Smart Apparel Brand established in 2015, introduces ToneUp15®, a patented new miniaturized muscle stimulation technology.
Redefining your workout experience like never before. Elevate your training with the finest in EMS Training and innovative device manufacturing. Experience fitness decadence today.

Since the beginning of time, humans have been striving to find faster and easier ways to become physically fit. From running, weightlifting, and endless cardio exercises, the challenge has always been to find the fastest way to improve our physical appearance.

ToneUp15® muscle stimulation technology is now available for anyone to use, no matter their level of fitness. Short, intensive and regular sessions gets results faster and more efficiently than traditional exercises. It has been a key resource for many of our clients, and has helped to build healthier, better looking bodies in less time than traditional exercise protocols.

For those who are looking to keep their workout regime going even when they are away from the gym, GYM IN A BOX’s compact and easy to transport devices allow everyone the chance to feel the flexibility of a gym in their own home or on the go.

GYM IN A BOX is changing the fitness industry and revolutionizing the way people work out with its innovative fitness product. With its cutting-edge technology and mobility, GYM IN A BOX is the perfect fit for anyone looking to get in better shape, quicker.

However, in today’s modern society, due to the constraints of time and other factors, people have difficulty maintaining a consistent exercise schedule. Moreover, constantly doing the same exercises can become mundane and unproductive over time. As a result, people often resort to unhealthy alternatives like crash diets and unhealthy lifestyles.

Luckily, GYM IN A BOX has emerged as the answer to many people’s fitness goals. Designed to provide users with an easy-to-use wearable, GYM IN A BOX gives people access to their body’s muscles in a much shorter amount of time, with no injury risk. In essence, GYM IN A BOX has revolutionized the way we exercise and stay in shape.

By using miniaturized muscle stimulation technology, GYM IN A BOX offers its users a comprehensive workout regimen that can easily be done at home or on the go. This means that with GYM IN A BOX, users can do a full body workout anytime, anywhere. It’s even easy to take along on trips and keep as a daily routine.

Unlike what many people think of as traditional exercise, GYM IN A BOX does not involve hours of lifting weights or running miles on end. Instead, it uses muscle stimulation technology that can be done with minimal exertion. This technology helps target individual muscle groups without having to do the same tedious routine every day.

In addition, GYM IN A BOX’s advanced technology also helps users work on improving their overall strength, flexibility, and endurance. By using this technology, users can increase their physical strength while also improving their overall health, all without any injury risk.

The benefits of GYM IN A BOX are clear: not only does it offer people an easier and faster way to stay in shape, but it also helps them do so without any worries of injury. This makes GYM IN A BOX a major advancement in the health and fitness industry and provides people with a way to attain their personal goals without having to sacrifice hours of their day.

GYM IN A BOX: Revolutionizing Fitness with Smart Technology

Welcome to a whole new world of fitness! GYM IN A BOX, the awarded Smart Fitness product line and technology, is here to change the game. Founded in 2015 by Nika and Nino Cristiani in the heart of Beverly Hills, our mission is simple but powerful: to eliminate barriers and help individuals reach their health, beauty, and fitness goals. With cutting-edge technology and a touch of sass, GYM IN A BOX is destined to make a difference.

Reinventing the Workout Routine:
Gone are the days of endless repetitions and strenuous workouts. GYM IN A BOX provides a fresh approach to fitness by utilizing the groundbreaking muscle stimulation technology called ToneUp15®. This patented technology allows us to reshape how people work out, bringing a whole new level of convenience and efficiency to your fitness routine.

Say goodbye to traditional weightlifting and lengthy cardio sessions; GYM IN A BOX introduces miniaturized muscle stimulation devices that are not only easy to use but also travel-friendly. These wearables and beauty devices allow you to activate and engage all your muscles in a matter of minutes, eliminating the risk of injury commonly associated with intense workouts.

Accessible to All:
At GYM IN A BOX, we believe that fitness has no restrictions. Regardless of your current fitness level or age, our patented ToneUp15® technology empowers individuals to reach their next level. Our innovative technology provides comprehensive muscle activation, ensuring that every part of your body gets the attention it deserves. With GYM IN A BOX, the fitness journey is no longer limited to athletes or fitness enthusiasts — it's for everyone.

Convenience and Portability:
No more rushing to the gym or struggling to fit workouts into your busy schedule. GYM IN A BOX brings fitness to your doorstep, offering unparalleled convenience and portability. Whether you're traveling, at the office, or enjoying the comfort of your own home, GYM IN A BOX enables you to work out anytime, anywhere. With our smart wearables and compact devices, you can maintain your fitness routine effortlessly, and most importantly, without compromising your other commitments.

Experience Maximum Results:
Why settle for mediocrity when you can achieve greatness? GYM IN A BOX ensures that every session is optimized for maximum results. The combination of state-of-the-art technology and user-friendly design makes for an unparalleled fitness experience. By activating all your muscles and providing targeted stimulation, our devices enhance muscle tone, boost strength, and improve overall fitness levels. Expect to see visible results sooner than you can imagine!

When it comes to reaching your health, beauty, and fitness goals, GYM IN A BOX stands head and shoulders above the rest. With our innovative ToneUp15® muscle stimulation technology, we have revolutionized the fitness industry. Embrace the future of fitness, break free from limitations, and embark on a fitness journey that is convenient, effective, and most importantly, fun! Wherever you are in your fitness journey, GYM IN A BOX is ready to help you take the next leap. Join the revolution and make a difference in your health and well-being, one smart workout at a time!

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