GYM IN A BOX voted the “ HOTTEST NEW BEAUTY TREND 2024” by Best Holistic Lifestyle Magazine

We are thrilled to unveil the October 2023 issue of Best Holistic Life Magazine featuring GYM IN A BOX and its patented ToneUp15 ®️ MicroCurrent Technology as the “ HOTTEST NEW BEAUTY TREND 2024”.

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Introducing Gym In A Box - the hottest BodySculpting trend of 2024! Our revolutionary MicroCurrent Beauty & Fitness line, named ToneUp15®, has been awarded as the top beauty and BodySculpting trend for 2024 by the renowned Best Holistic Life Magazine. And let me tell you, it is truly an honor!

Co-founded by the dynamic Nika Cristiani , Gym in a Box has taken the fitness world by storm with its patented micro current technology. This innovative approach to fitness not only helps tone and sculpt your body, but it also has anti-aging benefits. Yes, you read that right. You can achieve a more toned and youthful-looking body with just a few minutes of workout using our product line.

But what truly sets Gym in a Box apart is its holistic approach to fitness and wellness. We understand that health is not just about looking good on the outside, but also feeling good on the inside. Our product line not only helps you achieve your fitness goals, but it also promotes overall wellness and weight loss.

Don't just take my word for it, our loyal customers, who have seen amazing results, can attest to the effectiveness of our products. Nika's inspiring story of how she transformed her own life through Gym in a Box will motivate and encourage you to take charge of your own health and fitness journey.

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The Hottest New BodySculpting Beauty Trend 2024:

MicroCurrent Workouts for Body & Face By Nika Cristiani , PRO-AGING Expert, FitTech Executive, Author of. “ FIFTY,  SEXY, HEALTHY & SHARP” & Creator Of GYM IN A BOX®️

 Looking for a natural and noninvasive face-lift? Say hello to the revolutionary MicroCurrent Facial and BodySculpting method. What is ToneUp15 ®️ MicroCurrent BodySculpting Technology, you may ask? MicroCurrent technology uses low-level electrical currents to tone, lift, and firm sagging muscles back to their original position and shape in a safe, painless, non-surgical, non-invasive procedure.

It’s a popular therapy that can be done by professionals and now even at home. The purpose is to tighten your skin’s appearance, making you look younger without surgery. It's totally painless, too.

Let’s break down the basics of the MicroCurrent facial and BodySculpting including how it works and how you can do one at home. 

We’ve actually grown old with the term anti-aging. It is a catchy phrase, [it used to indicate] that you’ve got the gold standard ingredients like retinol in a skincare product – but it’s redundant now. Treating age as something that needs ‘curing’ is pointlessly demoralizing for anyone over 30.

I’d like to see brands celebrating beauty at all ages. Beauty is not one thing, it’s many things.

When talking about products that I am recommending for women over 50, I prefer to use the terms ‘age inclusive’ and ‘for older skin’ instead of “anti-aging”, because that’s just fact. Whether we know it or not, we’re subtly reinforcing the message that aging is a condition we need to battle. Changing the way we think about aging starts with changing the way we talk about aging and the wise choices we make coming to embrace it.

“To look like I do at 55, it takes work . . . it’s all about maintenance.”

The muscle toning and body sculpting & lifting fitness & beauty technology that my company incorporates in our product lines has  been used for decades by professional athletes. It was initially invented for NASA astronauts who would not be able to use their muscles for a prolonged periods of time due to zero gravity in space. From then on it has been adopted by Hospitals, Physical Therapy Clinics, Chiropractors and even Pro Athletes.  This advanced Fitness & Sports Rehabilitation Technology does not just help with muscle development for people with mobility issues, it is also very beneficial for strength and endurance training and has many beauty benefits.

It can easily - and without any drastic changes to anyones lifestyle be incorporated in daily activities to make people look and feel more beautiful from the inside and out at ANY AGE.

Society has been telling women for...well, forever, that after 35 or maybe 40, we’re no longer worthy of attention. But that’s far from the truth. The fact of the matter is that women over 50 are rewriting the playbook on sexiness - and we are more in control now than ever before.I dedicated my entire life helping others staying healthy and fit, looking and feeling more beautiful and rejuvenated, staying strong and powerful , self confident and active at the age of 40 + and beyond. Many factors influence healthy aging. Some of these, such as genetics, are not in our control. Others - like exercise, a healthy diet, going to the doctor regularly, and taking care of our mental health — are within our reach. Research supported by NIA and others has identified actions you can take to help manage your health, live as independently as possible, and maintain your quality of life as you age. Here are some easy steps you can take to promote healthy aging by incorporating the latest trend in Body Sculpting into your daily routines! MicroCurrent Workouts are the hottest new trend in the fitness and beauty industry and a natural way to get in shape at any age!

Beauty insiders and celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Kim Kardashian, Heidi Klum, Jessica Alba long been touting the benefits of MicroCurrent Facials & BodySculpting treatments like “Emsculpt”.  You may have heard stories about how the treatment produces impressive (and nearly instantaneous) results when it comes to fighting the signs of aging and reducing fatty areas. And while normally, you would have to take a trip to the spa to see if the rumors are true, a number of at-home MicroCurrent devices have been popping up across the beauty space, allowing people to try it right from the comfort of their own homes.The thing is, these devices can be pretty pricey, why I started to develop affordable and very effective at-home options that will actually provide amazing results.

How does MicroCurrent Beauty Technology work?

Finally be able to lift, tone & tighten the face WITHOUT toxic injections or surgery.

MicroCurrent devices use low-level electrical impulses to stimulate the muscles.

The MicroCurrent  facial treatment is a painless, non-surgical solution to younger, brighter, tighter skin.

The treatment also stimulates the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP).  Essentially, you're stimulating "food" for the cells to allow them to work more efficiently. What we always want to do when we're working with any type of technology when it comes to skin care treatment, is that we want to work on the cellular level. We want to stimulate the cells, we want to feed the cells and get some activity happening there.

What are the benefits of MicroCurrent?

MicroCurrent Facials and Workouts can help to lift and tighten the muscles in the area and stimulate collagen end elastin, helping your skin look smoother, brighter and more rejuvenated. A Micro Current Facial is literally "a Pilates class for your face.”You'll get a nice lift. It's great for women like my age, where you're starting to maybe get some jowling activity on the lower face. It's great for the neck, great for around the eye area. It's also a good anti-aging treatment for people who might be reluctant to try more invasive options, like Botox or fillers. But it's not just for aging concerns, we also use it on clients who are struggling with acne. That cellular energy helps accelerate healing. That’s why we incorporate it in all our SMART Apparel and SMART Beauty Devices.

About the Author:

NIKA Cristiani is a veteran beauty & healthy lifestyle coach who has worked in the industry for 35+  years, starting out as a model at age 16. She is a renowned Healthy Aging Expert, Certified Nutritionist, Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Fitness Technology Inventor & Manufacturer of the Awarded Healthy Aging product line “ GYM IN A BOX” called “ The Secret Training & Beauty Tools Of The Stars”.

MADE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE ! Female-owned, people-minded, GYM IN A BOX strives to empower women through Smart Apparel and a new age of skincare line because they believe fitness & beauty can change the world one confidence boost at time.

Nika recently earned the title of “Inventor of the Year 2022 “ for her groundbreaking GYM IN A BOX Smart Apparel & Smart Beauty line and new patent pending ToneUp15® MicroCurrent Technology. She regularly makes a stand against an industry that consistently champions youth by promoting a more inclusive and holistic  approach.

Nika and her team of scientists, tech engineers, fitness , beauty, health & skincare experts source and develop the most advanced, natural fitness and skincare technologies and pair them with the most effective all clean healthy aging and body sculpting techniques.

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NIKA CRISTIANI, CEO Creator & Co-Founder


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Best Holistic Life Magazine October 2023

About the Creators of Gym in A Box:

NIKA is an experienced professional with a 25 + year entrepreneurial career spanning the fitness, fashion and wellness industries. Apart from being a fully certified EMS fitness coach and a pioneering force in the field of EMS application, Nika is a studied nutritionist and has won acclaim for her holistic combination of fitness and health trends into innovative business models. Nika speaks 5 languages

NIKA and started her career studying hotel management in prestigious Montreux, Switzerland, followed by a hospitality, Fashion PR and modeling career that took her all around the globe.

Nika is an inspirational leader with a passionate vision, boundless energy and a deep skillset for turning adversity into success. She applies her knowledge at her private ’E-Balance PowerGym’ specialized on exclusive 1on1 EMS Fitness Training and Pain Management in Beverly Hills, which she runs together with her husband and business partner, Nino Cristiani. Frequented by Hollywood stars, influencers and LA’s rich and beautiful, Nika and Nino serve some of the most demanding fitness clientele in the world. This is one of the reasons why they keep experimenting with the latest fitness trends from around the world, constantly improving and perfecting.

Nino is an unrivaled expert in the application potential of EMS. He is a graduate of one of Europe’s leading sports academies - Kiedaisch Academy in Germany – and received electronics and mechanical engineering education from Mercedes Benz in Stuttgart. He brings more than 30 years of experience in building and running fitness related businesses to the team, having lead businesses with more than 100 employees. Nino has a deep seated technical and application knowledge and is highly skilled in the design of effective fitness routines around innovative training technologies. He has applied this knowledge in extreme situations - such as training Germany’s Elite Special Forces (KSK) units in self-defense.

Nino has worked with and tested virtually all fitness related EMS technologies over the past 25 years, and funneled his experience and knowledge into the GYM IN A BOX ®️ product range.


Nika & Nino Cristiani, Creators of GYM IN A BOX