WHY GYM IN A BOX™ Est. 2017 ? Inventor & Creator Nika Cristiani explains.

WHY GYM IN A BOX™ Est. 2017 ?  Inventor & Creator Nika Cristiani explains.

Why Gym In A Box ™️ ?

It does the work… You get the results!
Like all of you, I had problems getting older and staying in shape.
Exercise equipment was either too expensive, cumbersome and time intense.

Training with weights or any kind of exercise equipment was just affecting my joints and it was hard for me to catch up with my workouts due to my very busy work schedule.

I would wake up with a sore neck, a headache, or feel like I needed a nap, even though I slept 8 hours.

When I invented GYM IN A BOX and its ToneUp15 STIM-FIT Technology in 2017, it took over four years to develop because I wanted it to have everything you could ever want in a new fitness wearable.

I made sure you could adjust the intensity of the patent pending muscle massaging boosters, so you could have the exact support you need as an individual, regardless of your body type.

I also wanted to create STIM-FIT devises that would last, so I made GYM IN A BOX ™️ STIM-FIT Toning Apparel washable.

I wanted them to be affordable for everyone, so there are no recurring monthly costs for gel pads, etc , because there are none.

OurToning Technology infused Wearables are wireless, you can even wear them at work, underneath your clothes, to get your fitness job done wherever you are, whatever you do!
I back GYM IN A BOX with a 60-day money back guarantee and free basic shipping in the US!

Not only that, I do all my own manufacturing in my home state of California ! 🇺🇸

I personally guarantee that GYM IN A BOX will be the most efficient fitness device you’ll ever own.

Get it here: https://gyminabox.la/products/corewrap
Nika Cristiani, Inventor Gym In A Box
Nika Cristiani, CEO
Inventor & Creator of

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