Wear a crop top and show off your flat tummy in 14 Days

Wear a crop top and show off your flat tummy in 14 Days

Looking for the fastest, easiest, and most fun way to get a flat, toned, tightened, sculpted belly area ? Look no further. A flat , toned tummy isn’t just the ultimate accessory for wearing cropped shirts and low waist pants , shorts and tight dresses sexy , toned abdominal muscles also optimize your mid body section and core strength and dramatically improve your joint health. There's never been a better time to add these highly effective ab workouts to your exercise routine, and all you need is 15 minutes a day for 14 days to see and feel a big difference!


Maximize your Workouts & Unlock your full potential through advanced fitness technology!

Tired of overpaying for body sculpting? We have a quick fix for you that is affordable, easy to use and super convenient from the comfort of your home! Non- invasive, no down time, no pain, no hustle! Just use GYM IN A BOX COREWRAP 15 min a day! With just the push of a button : Tone , tighten and sculpt your midsection through advanced, non invasive body contouring technology “ ToneUp15 ™️.  Save thousands of Dollars on Emsculpt, Fat Freeze Sculpting and other expensive, time intensive procedures!

Get Sexy, Toned Abs  in Just Two Weeks

Created by STIM-FIT  trainers Nika Cristiani & Nino Cristiani, GYM IN A BOX ™️ muscle toning devices deliver automated  workouts through electronic impulses contracting the muscles that are suitable for any fitness level, with the push of a button only.

You'll start just wearing the STIM-FIT empowered electronic Waist Trainer , laying on your couch , sitting on your desk or walking around with simple movements working with your own strength resistance to get those ab muscles activated.

Then, day by day, you'll build on that with more progressive movements . You may also take your CoreWrap to the gym or yoga studio, on a hike, dog walk or playing with your kids.


The workout moves will be fun and challenging (yes, you will feel your muscles burn!), but these short workouts integrating fitness into your daily lifestyle and activities really fly by  and afterwards you will  feel more focused, energized and invigorated, smiling throughout.

Even with a super busy schedule, all you need to get those beautiful toned abs  is 15 minutes a day , that’s the time you put on your CoreWrap and start the automated 12 min. Toning program.

And anyone can spare 15  minutes a day for themselves, getting a super deep massage, can't they? You can also still keep doing what you gotta do, without missing out on your ab workout, just turn it on!


With this product , you will:

  • Tone, shape and strengthen abdominal muscles in just 15 minutes a day.
  • Build core strength.
  • Relieve your back
  • Get a deep massage
  • Create an instant hourglass figure
  • Burn more calories
  • Sweat 5X more
  • Enjoy these quick and effective workouts from the comfort and convenience of your own home. No travel required!
  • Improve your self-confidence.
  • Even when you've completed the program, you'll feel refreshed and energized.

Who should get GYM IN A BOX?

  • Anyone who wants to shape, tone, and build strength in their core section  without bulking up.
  • Anyone looking for an effective abs workout that easily fits into a hectic schedule.
  • Anyone who loves working out in a fun, modern, easy way.   Equipment you'll need:
  • GYM IN A BOX ™️CoreWrap


"Excellent abs workout , thank you! I've really enjoyed it and can definitely see a difference in my belly area as well as my waistline. Very impressed. I am happy to show off my flat tummy now!" -Mona

"You know this product  works when people come up to you and tell you they wished their tummy looked like yours. This happened to me several times the past 3 days! It works if you work it!" -Desire

"Just completed  14 days using Gym In A Box and loved this programme! I added it to my regular workout schedule and could really see and feel the difference in my abdomen from just 12 minutes toning a day. Will definitely keep using it!" -Leah

"I incorporate the CoreWrap and these electronic ab workouts into my yoga practice as well. I love them and my students comment about their increased core strength." -Laura

"Just finished a toning session and at nearly 69 I'm feeling inspired. Going to start over & gradually increase the intensity of the contraction on my controller unit , leveling up as my strength builds.  So very happy I got GYM IN A BOX!" -Sheila

"Enjoyed these automated workouts very much. Unique movements and pulsating that are graceful and activate the smaller muscle groups. Thank you!" -Kimberly

"I've been using this electronic Waist Trainer Corset since I purchased it almost daily and it truly makes a difference! Thank you, the 12 minute automated workouts are awesome, I can prepare dinner while getting toned abs, fantastic !" -Karri

"Gym In A Box, you are amazing! Thank you Nika for creating this!

I enjoyed your STIM-FIT Training  so much and so happy I have my own device for at home training now! Love my GYM IN A BOX CoreWrap!

You guys really care and it shows in how carefully you make sure we are following along! Thank you so much! I'm also doing your tone and tighten the tummy course. Love it too!" -Maria


About Nika Cristiani


Originally from the Germany , Nika is a STIM-FIT personal strength trainer, former model and fitness professional spanning over 2 decades, currently living in Los Angeles.

Her vast fitness experience teamed with her love and talent for design has given her the passion and drive to get everyone up and moving, and she aims to integrate fitness into everyone’s lifestyle to make it easy, fun and affordable.

She developed GYM IN A BOX ™️Toning Apparel and is a personal STIM-FIT  trainer at the boutique fitness studio E-Balance PowerGym in LA and created her own wellness brands. Nika has also modelled for popular active apparel in her younger years.

Her passion is to motivate, energize and get the best results -- both on the inside and the outside, in order to make people look better, feel better & perform better.

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