Gym owners & Personal Trainers : Integrate GYM IN A BOX ™ & Revive your fitness business !

Gym owners & Personal Trainers : Integrate GYM IN A BOX ™ &  Revive your fitness business !
Great New Business Opportunity for fitness professionals/ GYM OWNERS:
Maximize your clients workouts and offer them the hottest new fitness trend
"Made in L.A. "!

Fitness Professionals, Personal Trainers, Investors:

Our GYM IN A BOX  “ PRO”series - for Gym & Personal Trainer Integration- can be integrated into every existing Gym /Medi Spa/ Hotel Beauty/ Wellness business.

By training with GYM IN A BOX’s STIM/Fit technology,  you can achieve the results of a 90 minute workout in only 15 minutes!

This is an amazing  opportunity:

Looking  to "revive " your fitness services?

Gym In A Box “ PRO” also allows for any gym or personal trainer to virtually build digital programs/courses/coaching without much guesswork.

Not only will this give you the ability to serve your clients with something extraordinary , it will build an extra stream of income for your business. Your clients can purchase out Gym In A Box devises through you, incorporate them into your training techniques and also use them at home to stay fit on training free days .

Eventually, this will open up a range of opportunities that you have never considered.

Provide massive value to those around you no matter what, and you will always win.

So much more than a view letters

ToneUp15 ®️ STIM -FIT stands for Stimulation Fitness and it has been widely used in physiotherapy and rehabilitation sports for decades with great results. Its rapidly expanding use as a Whole Body Training method provides the perfect combination of a highly effective strength and cardio training.

  • 15 min only / training session
  • Safe and effective
  • High return on investment from a business standpoint, great cash flow
  • One of the fastest growing markets in the fitness industry
GYm  IN A BOX revive your fitness business


    GYM IN A BOX provides automated muscle training - stimulating  the major muscle groups at the same time, helping your clients to achieve a fit and toned look in 15 minutes only.

    Integrate cutting-edge fitness technology into your existing fitness business and win big!

    Gym In A Box CoreWrap is World’s first 3 in 1 EMS Body Shaper .

    • Non -Gel Electrodes- never need replacing , non recurring costs!
    • Seamless, invisible,  Wire-Free Technology 
    • For Toned Abs, Waist Reduction & Core Strength

    FACTS: 92% of users felt that the firmness and strength of their ab muscles have increased 

    This is a great and fun way of creating a bond with your clients and generating new ones with a brand new fitness innovation, designed, created and manufactured in Los Angeles!

    You can be the first to offer this new way of exercising!

    Keep your clients by offering them an amazing new fitness innovation , helping them to stay fit & in shape while you can’t train them, but also giving them a tool to maximize their training potential once they can go back attending classes, going to the gym or having their Personal Training sessions with you again. 

    WIN WIN 
    The future of fitness is here ! Grab the chance and bring your business back in the game , completely COVID compliant and independent, no matter what happens next!

    Boost your fitness business!

    Great chance for newcomers as well, you don’t need any experience as a trainer or fitness professional, this is a perfect consumer product, easy to use, safe and our worldwide customers already love it!

    Hear it from our
    customers who have achieved their fitness goals: 

    💡 About the product:

    Getting in shape and reducing waist sizes has never been easier with GYM IN A BOX CoreWrap.

    • Reduces waist size almost instantly
    • Delivers 200 Ab contractions in 15 minutes
    • Relieves the Back
    • Strengthens the Core
    • Reduces Stretchmarks & Cellulites
    • Massager Function

    All the MAGIC is INSIDE

    Thermal Silver fabric creating an intense Abs & Core Workout with seamlessly integrated ToneUp15® Toning Technology, a new way to exercise without having to spend hours in the gym ... to not only give you the benefits of a conventional waist trainer, but also to create a real workout effect, generating 200 ab contractions in 15 minutes! Now that's what we call a workout!

    Say hello to your new home gym buddy 'GYM IN A BOX' CoreWrap and start NOW with transforming into your DREAM BODY

    Get in touch if you want to get more infos to how to incorporate GYM IN A BOX ™ into your existing fitness byusiness!
    Nika Cristiani

    Technology & Science behind: Our patented new fitness technology "ToneUp15®" os based on scientifically proven EMS fitness technology.

    EMS training has been used for years by health and wellness professionals. Physiotherapists use EMS for joint-sparing muscle formation and for targeted back exercises. Elite athletes and models use this equipment along with their training to improve strength and speed. Personal trainers, gyms and beauty centers use this technology focusing on the fitness and beauty enhancements it offers which includes simulation of metabolism, tightening of connective tissue, cellulite reduction, body shaping, and more.

    Is EMS training safe? Training and therapy using EMS is not dangerous. During your EMS training, you will experience small low-frequency currents contracting your muscles. Hence, the impulses do not seem foreign to your body and do not reach the organs.

    Why is EMS training more effective than conventional training at the gym? In short, EMS activates 300+ muscles (over 90% of the muscles fibers) at the same time during your 15 minute workout. This also includes deep muscles which are difficult to target at the conventional gym. Moreover, EMS training comprises of irregular muscle fibre simulation which results in an increased muscle fibre creation at a faster rate, allowing you to gain more muscles. All in all, you will see faster results!

    Is EMS technology new? No! EMS technology was first invented in 1902. Bruce Lee has already incorporated it into his training routine 50 years ago to gain his ultimate strength as seen on YouTube clips.
    It has been used for years in physiotherapy, by athletes and models and through Gym In A Box it is now available to you!

    How long before I see results? Within the first few sessions, you will notice better posture and muscle tightening. You will notice visible results including weight loss and body shaping with continued use of EMS training within the first 10 sessions.

    Can I lose weight with EMS? YES! EMS training has two main parts. The first is weight loss visible through the inches you will lose at the waist, hips, etc. while the second comprises of burning those fat deposits!
    Renew the concept of the Gym with Gym In A Box !
    EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation and can revolutionize personal fitness! It has decades of application experience and has proven great results for
    HIGH INTENSITY WORKOUTS for top athletes.
    EMS technology can deliver vast improvements on the effectiveness of a workout by
    stimulating muscles autonomously and therefore deliver workout results much FASTER than conventional training.
     Gym In A Box ToneUp15 
    • only 15 min.  of exercise
    • low impact on joints
    • improves posture
    • automated muscle contraction 
    • time saving 
    • 4 sessions to see results
    • shorter recovery time
    Conventional Exercise
    • 3-4 hours of exercise required • high impact on joints
    • exercise might cause strain and injury
    • 15-20 sessions to see results • longer recovery time
    The fitness sector is a fertile ground for new technologies and there are already thousands of EMS based Gyms around the world. These Gyms, and the related EMS suits, are currently the primary expansion force for EMS.
    XBody: 2,000 Gyms in 55 countries
    Consumer focused products from a small number of companies aim to bring EMS benefits to the home. While commercially successful, these products are limited in application and benefits
    However, none of the current uses of EMS technology address the real potential of EMS to solve consumers fitness problems by offering a powerful and convenient way to work out. 
    Our GYM IN A BOX concept packs the power of ToneUp15  into a range of high quality athleisure products that deliver a GYM effect without anyone ever having to step into an actual gym. We call it ‘the future of fitness’.  
    We are combining athleisure, wearable fitness tech and EMS to create a revolutionary new segment – Active Wearable Fitness Tech – made in LA!
    While current wearable fitness technology is limited to sensor driven measuring for personal analytics, our products actually help to change the human body in a direct way.
    Through this, we see huge potential for our brand to penetrate the market through unique user benefits and collaboration potential with existing athleisure brands utilizing our technology.
    Gym In A Box technology features
    Scientific proof | Studies

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