Tutorial: How to properly use Gym In A Box CoreWrap

Tutorial: How to properly use Gym In A Box CoreWrap

Dear Valued Customers !

We really want our products to be a great experience for you. We would really like to make this right by explaining that if you use the product properly, there cannot be any discomfort and it works really really fantastic.

For maximum comfort & efficiency, Please only use it b exactly following the attached
8 steps guidelines!

Please also note, consistency is key. Expect visible toning results between 6-8 weeks.

This is a very sensitive electronic devise and technology. Please treat it accordingly.

Please make sure you don’t drop the controller box, that will definitely cause glitches and damage or reduce the functionality.

How to properly use
Gym In A Box CoreWrap !
Please follow those instructions for maximum comfort and best results!

1. Add 2 Triple A batteries to the power unit

2. Attach the power unit to the snaps on the belt until it sits tight

3. For best toning comfort & conductivity, spray plenty of water on your belly

4. For best toning comfort & conductivity,
spray water on both Silver Ion E-Pads

5. Wrap the Fitness Belt tightly around your
waist, use outer straps to adjust the size &
comfort. Electrodes must be completely
attached to your skin.

6. The 2 Silver Ion Electrode Pads must be
positioned to the left and to the right of your
belly button and completely attached to
your abdomen / skin .

7. Choose your desired toning program 1-4 .
Slowly increase the intensity by pushing
“ Start “ several times and decrease the
intensity by pushing “ Stop” several times.
Warning: Always completely turn off the
toning cycle before you take off the

8. Do not machine wash , do not dry clean, no
dryer! Just wipe off with a cloth and hang

Thank you so much, your Gym In A Box



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