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GIAB Use Micro Current On Your Face

Microcurrent facials are the hottest new treatment to rejuvenate the skin and its underlying layers. They have the power to make you look and feel years younger through a powerful toning effect.

Whether done at home or the salon, microcurrent treatments rely on advanced technology that stimulates the deepest layers of skin and muscle, to tighten up the skin for a lifted look. In this post, we’ll cover how microcurrent facials work, explain their benefits, costs, and how they compare to other treatments.

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  • 1.  How Do Microcurrent Facials Work?
  • 2. Microcurrent Facial Benefits
  • 3. Microcurrent vs. Botox vs. Laser Treatments
  • 4. How to Use a Microcurrent Device at Home
  • 4. Microcurrent Facials at the Salon
  • 5. FAQs about Microcurrent Facials

How Do Microcurrent Facials Work?

Microcurrent facials are carried out with special devices that emit an electric charge. Those pulses reach deep, to impact both skin and muscle. For the skin, the microcurrent has a stimulating effect that encourages the production of new cells, which has been found to help with wound healing.

 As a beauty treatment, this improved cell proliferation promotes new skin that’s smoother and more taut. For the muscles, these microcurrent devices help encourage mild contractions to give the muscles an immediate lift. Because of that, microcurrent facials are beneficial in both the long and short term. They're a must in any anti-aging beauty routine!

Microcurrent Facial Benefits

Most of the benefits of microcurrent facials stem from the fact that these treatments are able to stimulate the skin and muscles. Here are the benefits you can expect once you give microcurrent treatments a try:

  • You’ll likely notice an immediate but subtle lifting of the skin, especially around the forehead and jawline. Over time, the reduction in skin laxity will be even more noticeable, and you’ll have a firmer, more toned look with tight, youthful-looking skin.
  • With regular treatments, microcurrent facials can visibly reduce the look of deep folds, especially around the mouth or between the brows. If you experience droopy eyelids or brows, you may also notice that you have a more lifted look and that your eyes look brighter. Some users notice a visible reduction in puffiness, especially below the eyes.
  • Microcurrent treatments can also help firm up the body, including the neck, chest, stomach, and more. Currently, there is also a clinical trial researching the potential of microcurrent treatments to help fade scars.
  • Lastly, microcurrent facials are gentle and non-invasive so they’re excellent for all skin types and tones, including for those with sensitive skin! 

Microcurrent Vs. Botox Vs. Laser Treatments

Compared to other popular anti-aging treatments, microcurrent facials are very gentle yet remarkably effective.

One excellent comparison is Botox, which is an injectable treatment that paralyzes muscles that cause facial wrinkles for 3 to 4 months. Like Botox, microcurrent treatments are also effective at reducing the prominence of forehead wrinkles and frown lines. Unlike Botox, though, microcurrent facials aren’t invasive at all. If you choose to do your own microcurrent facials at home, they’re also a significantly more affordable choice than Botox.

Laser treatments are also a popular option for anti-aging. Laser skin tightening is probably the most comparable treatment to microcurrent because it works by stimulating the skin and enhancing its firmness. Laser treatments, however, can only be carried out by a professional, so their costs are quite significant, and they can leave the skin irritated. Additionally, while microcurrent devices can work on all skin types and skin tones, those with very sensitive skin or deeper skin tones can have more complications with lasers.

 How To Use A Microcurrent Device At Home

The best way to incorporate microcurrent facials into your beauty regimen is with an at-home device like the revolutionary Tite FaceWare 15 min Facelift Mask

MicroCurrent Facial

For less than the cost of a single microcurrent facial, this at-home device can give your skin that daily lift, keeping you looking toned and fresh. All it takes is 15 minutes a day to see a significant change!

Here’s how to incorporate this treatment into your routine:  

  • Begin by cleansing your face.
  • Ensure the lithium battery in your manual remote control is charged and the red signal illuminates when pressing "M." If not, replace the batteries as needed. Additionally, make sure the controller unit that attaches to the magnetic electronic silicone mask is fully charged. Use the provided USB wire (included in the box) for a minimum of 30 minutes to ensure it's fully charged for maximum efficiency.
  • Apply a conventional wet sheet mask with essence liquid or emulsion underneath our electronic MicroCurrent mask or use our Fit&Firm Gel.
  • Connect the smaller controller to the mask.
  • To power on, long-press the "+" button on the controller. It will emit a beep and display a blue light to indicate it's ON.
  • Quickly place the mask on your face within 5 seconds, ensuring the controller faces outward, so it securely attaches to your wet mask.
  • Use the remote control to adjust the mode and intensity by pressing the "+" button several times to increase the intensity. Switch between different toning modes by pressing "M," then adjust the intensity again by pressing the "+" button multiple times.
  • Enjoy a 15-minute face massage with our ToneUp15® Micro-Current Technology, allowing deep penetration of anti-aging and hydrating nutrients.
  • To clean the mask, simply wipe away any moisture inside after use using a cloth.

Microcurrent Facials At The Salon

While we vastly prefer the convenience and low price of doing microcurrent facials at home, it’s also possible to get them done at the salon!

During a salon microcurrent facial, the facialist often incorporates other steps, like cleansing and exfoliation, in order to prep the skin. Then, they’ll apply a conductive gel, and begin using the device on the skin. Professional microcurrent devices are usually stronger than at-home ones, so you may experience tingling or even feel your muscles contract.

Once the facialist finishes treating the entire face, they will remove the excess conductive gel. Then, depending on the salon, they may also give you a nice facial massage, and finish the procedure off with other skincare products like serums and moisturizers.

As with any facial, microcurrent treatments can be a pampering experience, but they also tend to be quite more costly than using at-home devices. If your main goal is results, you’ll probably prefer doing your own microcurrent facials at home, and you can still come into the salon for the occasional pampering experience.

FAQs About Microcurrent Facials

What Is The Cost Of Microcurrent Facial Treatment?

A professional microcurrent facial at the salon or clinic will cost $200 on the lower end of the scale, and upward of $500 at more upscale spas. By comparison, you can pick up a GYM IN A BOX & TiteFaceWare  microcurrent device for as little as $ 150 for years of daily microcurrent treatments at home.

Are There Any Side Effects Associated With Microcurrent Facials?

Microcurrent facials can tingle or buzz a little on the skin. Sometimes, very powerful professional devices can also lead to facial twitching or dizziness after the procedure. Home devices are far more gentle and non-invasive, so these side effects and risks are extremely rare.
That said, microcurrent facials are best avoided if you have a pacemaker, epilepsy, or a pre-existing heart condition. When in doubt, please speak to your doctor!

How Long Do The Results Of Microcurrent Treatment Last?

How long your results will last depends on how many microcurrent treatments you undergo, and what kind of benefits you’re hoping to see. The immediate lifting effect of a single treatment will usually only last for a few days. However, with regular use, the results of a microcurrent device may last for months.

Are There Any Age Restrictions For Microcurrent Facials?

There are no official age restrictions for using microcurrent facial devices but we recommend that you be at least 18 years old before using one. That said, you may only notice a difference if your skin already shows signs of aging.

Can Microcurrent Facials Be Done At Home?

Yes! With the right device, you can do your own at-home microcurrent facial for a fraction of the cost. At-home devices are usually a little more gentle, but with the benefit that they can be used more frequently to give the face a lift.

How Soon Can I See Results After Starting Microcurrent Treatment?

Within one treatment, chances are you’ll notice that your skin looks a little more lifted, toned, and fresh. That said, this is usually a short-term benefit. You’ll notice more profound results with regular, daily use over the course of 30 days.

Who Can Benefit From A Microcurrent Facial?

Microcurrent facials are excellent for everyone, but you should seriously consider giving them a try if you’re noticing loss of facial tone and volume. That can look like slightly droopy eyelids, forehead or frown lines, deep nasolabial folds, or loss of definition around the jawline.
If your skin is still firm and youthful, you may not see a difference with microcurrent facials, so instead you can focus on treatments that’ll help preserve your skin, like quality skincare and LED LIGHT THERAPY.


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