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The Best Gifts That Keep Giving For All Ages

The Best Gifts That Keep Giving For All Ages

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The Best Gifts That Keep Giving For All Ages 

Every holiday season, it’s difficult to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. What if you could give a gift that keeps on giving? From ongoing gifts that bring new surprises each month, gifts that give back and even gifts that someone can enjoy over and over again.

These gifts that keep giving ideas have something for everyone on your gift list!

Gifts That Keep On Giving .

It is a truly wonderful experience to see the joy on someone’s face when you gift them something thoughtful. Imagine if that joy could continue over and over again?

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Is it really just “ The thought that counts” ? 

As I scrolled through a friend’s Secret Santa wish list recently, I felt conflicted. I’ve always believed that a good gift requires thought and effort. If I just got him something on his wish list, would he think I didn’t care enough to try to come up with the perfect present on my own? If I put in minimal thought, would he like the present less?

The answer is no, according to research. In fact, focusing on adages, such as “It’s the thought that counts,” isn’t necessarily the best approach to gift giving.

“One of the central challenges in gift giving is that you are trying to get something that’s ideal for another person, and what seems ideal to you — what’s going on in your mind as a gift giver — might be quite a bit different from a gift receiver,” said Nicholas Epley, a behavioral science professor and the director of the Center for Decision Research at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Although many common gift-giving beliefs are well-meaning, leaning on them can potentially lead givers astray, said Marisa G. Franco, a psychologist and friendship expert. “The problem with some of these platitudes is that they pretend that we all have universals,” she said. “It replaces the other person and the other person’s actual needs and actual languages of love.”

Here’s what experts say about some popular gifting beliefs, and here are their tips for giving holiday presents in a way that can help optimize happiness and connection.

It’s the thought that counts

“What we find in our work is that thoughts count pretty importantly for the givers,” said Epley, who published research in 2012 that examined the cliche. “Putting a lot of thought, spending time thinking about what a recipient might like tends to make the givers feel closer and more connected to a receiver.

But recipients often “are not having your thoughts,” Epley said. His research suggests that, when people receive gifts, the “dominant effect” of the gift is how much the person likes it.

Franco agreed. “We think that people would prefer something we’ve chosen for them rather than what they’ve explicitly asked for,” she said. “When in fact, people actually like when they get a gift that they actually like.”

There are some situations, however, in which the thought behind a gift does matter. Recognizing thoughtfulness can help buffer the negative experience of receiving a bad gift from someone you know, experts said. Thought can also play a larger role in gifting when the alternative is giving nothing.

“If thoughtfulness comes not from the amount of thought you put into a gift, but just from the fact that you were thinking about somebody and you got them something — maybe when they weren’t expecting it — that’s really meaningful,” Epley said. “We value expressions of warmth from others a lot, and giving somebody a gift, even a small one just to show that you’re thinking of them, matters.”

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