Clinical Studies Scientific Evidence of GYM IN A BOX’s ToneUp15 ®️ Perfect Fitness for Seniors

GYM IN A BOX by Nika Cristiani

As we age, our bodies face natural changes that can impact mobility, strength, and overall well-being. Exercise, especially age-appropriate strength-training, is one of the most effective tools for maintaining independence and an exceptional quality of life well into our later years.

How can GYM IN A BOX ToneUp15 ®️ help you getting fitter, stronger and more toned, at any age?

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💪🏼Enhanced Strength & Balance: Reduces the risk of falls, a significant concern for seniors. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls are the LEADING cause of both fatal and non-fatal injuries for people aged 65 and older.

💪🏼Bone Health: Weight-bearing exercise helps maintain bone density, lowering the risk of osteoporosis.

💪🏼Chronic Disease Management: Regular physical activity plays a role in preventing and managing conditions that can be prevalent with the senior population (i.e. heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis).

💪🏼Cognitive Function Boost: Studies suggest exercise can help improve memory, attention, and reduce the risk of cognitive decline as we age.

Key Benefits of GYM IN A BOX’s patented Electronic Muscle Stimulation ToneUp15 ®️Fitness for Older Adults:

ToneUp15 ®️training can be beneficial for older adults, especially for muscle building and strength training. GYM IN A BOX  uses electrical impulses to stimulate muscles during exercise, which can help older adults achieve results even with lower-intensity workouts. ToneUp15®️ training can also be easy on joints and tendons because it focuses on balance and bodyweight exercises.

Is ToneUp15 ®️Training Good for Seniors? 

Review VOLT FITNESS February  23, 2024:

Older adults 60 years and above are welcome to experience what Electric Muscle Stimulation training can do for them. Even seniors who are 80 years old can still build muscle mass. Seniors can greatly benefit from electrical muscle stimulation, especially with muscle building and strength training. Here are three reasons why ToneUp15®️training is perfect for the elderly: GYM IN A BOX training is a 15 minute workout only. It can be done 1 to 2 times a week for 15-30  minutes, which follows the CDC guideline of 2 days a week of activities to strengthen the muscles of senior adults.

Review 20Perfit Nov 19, 2023

Perfect for older adults, ToneUp15®️works by using electrical impulses to stimulate the muscles while you're working out. That means you can still achieve your desired results, even from a lower-intensity workout. It's easy on the joints and tendons because GYM IN A BOX Smart Apparel focuses on bodyweight or balance exercises.

Based on scientific evidence, GYM IN A BOX  training can help older adults:

  • Increase muscle strength and thickness
  • Improve activities of daily living
  • Reduce muscle loss and bone density
  • Maintain mobility and fitness
  • Lose weight
  • Increase agility and vitality 

However, GYM IN A BOX training should not be used by older people with chronic heart failure or epilepsy.

GYM IN A BOX’s Muscle stimulating ToneUp15®️ Technology Benefits & Scientific study’s :

Build strength and endurance

Typically, when you train at the gym (or other similar exercise), you will only use between 40 - 70% of your strength potential. ToneUp15®️ improves how your muscles work together and increases the intensity of your muscle contractions, enabling your body to use up to 90% of it’s potential - achieving more, in a shorter time.

Build muscle (hypertrophy)

The extra stimulation given to your muscles during an ToneUp15®️training session is what leads to an increase in muscle mass. After just a few training sessions, you will typically notice an increase in the size of your chest, arm and leg muscles.

Several studies have also demonstrated that ToneUp15®️is particularly effective at speeding up the muscle re-building process after a surgery. (Note: always seek the advice of your surgeon or GP before training after surgery).

Fat reduction

ToneUp15®️promotes a high level of metabolic activity during, and for many hours after, a training session. The higher your metabolism, the better your body will burn fat and build lean muscle mass.

For women, ToneUp15 ®️training has been proven to reduce the size of common problem areas, such as around the waist, hips and thighs. At the same time, it will firm up the chest and arms.

For men, ToneUp15 ®️training reduces waist size, whilst developing the arm, chest, back and leg muscles.

Improve posture and reduce back pain

An imbalance in the postural muscles in the back, tummy and pelvic floor can cause a variety of uncomfortable symptoms, including back pain. You might notice this particularly if you sit at a desk for long periods of time. ToneUp15®️can specifically target and train these difficult to reach muscle groups, often causing a noticeable reduction in symptoms and an improvement in overall posture and flexibility.

Reduce Muscle Tension 

ToneUp15®️training promotes the circulation of blood throughout the muscles, which can significantly help to release muscular tension and knots.

Improvement in sports performance

In many types of sport, strength has a major impact on performance. ToneUp15®️ training maximises the capacity and strength of the muscles, as well as correcting the postural imbalances that can impede performance. It is an incredibly useful, and time-efficient, programme to run alongside conventional training for sports such as competitive cycling, athletics, football and swimming.

Less strain on the musculoskeletal system:

ToneUp15®️ training poses no additional strain. The training intensity does not result from heavy loads, but from electrical stimulation. This is much easier on the joints and musculoskeletal system. During ToneUp15 ®️ training, the training intensity is generated by electrical stimulation. This enables the user to enjoy gentle training sessions that are easy on the joints, without any extra burden being posed by weights / dumbbells.

A correction of muscular dysbalances:

ToneUp15 ®️is designed to allow for the selective targeting of particular muscle groups. This is especially important if muscular dysbalances are to be corrected. Sitting at a desk for extended periods, for example, leads to a shortening of the chest muscles and the simultaneous weakening of the shoulder and back muscles.

How to incorporate our GYM IN A BOX ToneUp15® into your gym franchise, wellness or sports recovery business? Learn more:

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