Not everyone is your Cheerleader, find your tribe !

Not everyone is your Cheerleader, find your tribe !

Not Everyone Is Your Cheerleader!


The approval of people we care about and respect is something few would deny desiring. When we make progress, win, create, or overcome, there is something inside us that craves acknowledgment and praise from those closest to us.

Throughout my own life, I have often been blessed to enjoy the love and support of people close to me. However, sometimes I’ve heard crickets when I all I wanted was acknowledgment. Occasionally, the people we expect to cheer us on don’t.


I’ve learned a lesson from those painful times. Not everyone is your cheerleader. Not everyone is your audience. Not everyone is interested in what you are doing.

The good news? This is totally okay.



In many cases, you’ll only diminish the enjoyment of your progress if you dwell on the silence of those you’d hoped would be supportive. There’s no reason to live in a looming shadow of rejection and dismissal.


Please know that the failure of someone else to acknowledge your success in no way compromises your accomplishment. Do not allow others to rob you of your joy. Accept the genuine encouragement of those who are in your corner.


When others ignore or downplay your efforts, it hurts. Let the pain of that rejection be a sharpening tool for continuing on the path towards the dreams and goals you have.


Don’t let your aspirations be dulled by those who simply aren’t meant to be your cheerleaders.


As I am learning this in my own life, I feel compelled to give voice to it.


What you are doing matters. You matter.

Your dreams and goals are important and worth pursuing.



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Think about the encouragement you feel when someone acknowledges your hard work. For me, it’s fuel to press on.


Look for occasions to encourage and celebrate others.


When I see people around me making progress and finding success, I see it as my cosmic duty to send praise and encouragement their way.

 Gym In A Box

Be invested.

Be an encourager.

Pay attention to what others are doing.


Cheer them on when you see them trying, doing, creating, and achieving.


When doing this, it’s important to be personal and intentional.


Social media makes connection easier, but likes, hearts, and claps can be impersonal.

 Gym In A Box

Surprise someone by sending a personal text or a handwritten note. Your unexpected words of encouragement may be a timely blessing.



 Gym In A Box

Joining groups on Facebook that consist of like-minded folks with similar aspirations and experiences can also be useful.

For example, join our Facebook Gym In A Box Affiliates Group and talk to likeminded people about troubled areas, fitness, struggle with weight loss, healthy nutrition and encouragement. Learn how to love yourself more and gain self-confidence!

Join here:

Interacting with people who can provide advice and answer questions is a great help and comfort, especially if you don’t have people in your “real life” who can fill that need.


Seek to connect with people who not only validate your efforts but also challenge you to be better.


Those who ignore what you are doing aren’t your cheerleaders.


Don’t try to force them to carry pom-poms.


You’ll only end up feeling more hurt.


Find your go-to people. They’re out there. Remember to be someone else’s go-to also.


I’m grateful because my husband is my biggest cheerleader. I love him for it. If others join the party, that’s great. If not, they probably wouldn’t have had a good time at my soirée anyway.

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Best, Nika 💝




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