NIKA’S WORLD MAGAZINE Coverstory : Interview ORHIDEA BRIEGEL | Laureus Award Winner, Business Catalyst & Publisher

GIAB Nika's World Magazine Cover Story

As women continue to break glass ceilings and make a name for themselves in the business world, it is truly inspiring to see female powerhouses like Orhidea Briegel leading the way. Orhidea is well-known as a renowned publisher and business catalyst, and her recent interview with NIKA's World Magazine shed light on her journey to success and the role that she plays in shaping the business landscape.

Therefore, for NIKA's World Magazine, having the opportunity to interview Orhidea was a special honor. It is no surprise that she has just been recognized for her 30 years of success in the establishment Laureus Award 2024, specifically for her contributions to the business community and her entrepreneurial extravaganza.

For NIKA Cristiani, the founder of GYM IN A BOX and publisher of Nika's World magazine, this interview with Orhidea was especially significant. Both NIKA and her co-founder Nino Cristiani have been featured numerous times in Orhidea's entrepreneurial magazine, "ORHIDEAL BUSINESS STAGE." The dynamic duo has been making waves in the fitness and wellness industry with their cutting-edge anti-aging and body sculpting technologies, and their achievements have not gone unnoticed.

In fact, NIKA and Nino were awarded "Inventors of the Year 2022" in Orhidea's magazine, a prestigious recognition that truly speaks to the impact they have made and continue to make in the industry. But beyond their impressive career accomplishments, what truly sets NIKA and Nino apart is their commitment to empowering others and supporting fellow entrepreneurs, especially women, in their journey to success.

This is why Orhidea Briegel's interview for NIKA's World Magazine is a significant and special honor for both NIKA and Nino. Not only is Orhidea a fan and client of GYM IN A BOX, but she has also been a user of their products since the very beginning. Her support and belief in their vision have been unwavering, and this interview is a testament to the strong connection and friendship that has been formed between Orhidea and the Cristiani's. Our GYM IN A BOX FitBelt was also awarded “ Product Of The Month “ by Orhidea Business Stage Magazine , what an honor!

In her interview with NIKA's World Magazine ( NWM) , Orhidea shares her inspiring journey from a young woman building a successful publishing empire in Germany. Orhidea's story is one of hard work, perseverance, and the power of a determined woman on a mission to bring people and business together and building a powerful network for entrepreneurs.

But beyond sharing her personal success story, Orhidea also delves into the importance of supporting and uplifting other women in business. She emphasizes the need for a strong network and for women to come together and help each other succeed. Orhidea's words resonate deeply with NIKA, who has also made it her mission to empower people and champion their entrepreneurial dreams.

Through her magazine, NIKA continues to shine a spotlight on successful women in business, sharing their stories of triumph and inspiring others to follow in their footsteps. The interview with Orhidea Briegel is yet another example of NIKA's commitment to celebrating and elevating women's success stories.

In conclusion, Orhidea Briegel's interview for NIKA's World Magazine is a powerful reminder of the impact that women can have in the business world and the importance of supporting and uplifting each other. Orhidea's journey to success is an inspiration, and her words will surely motivate other aspiring entrepreneurs to chase their dreams and break through any barriers that come their way.

We applaud NIKA and Nino Cristiani for their continued efforts in promoting and celebrating women in business, and we look forward to more inspiring interviews in the future.

The 2022 Winner of the Inventor of the Year accolade fir NIKA & NINO Cristiani is being awarded by Orhidea Briegel in the ORHIDEAL Image Business Magazine  for their outstanding product line, GYM IN A BOX ®️!

There are individuals who act as catalysts, spinning the wheels of progress! Through their kinetic thought energy, they bridge the gaps and dead spots of their fellow human beings with a flood of innovative ideas.

Orhidea Briegel is a prime example of such an individual! With her sea of OrhIDEAS, she delights even well-established entrepreneurs by charting new possibilities and opportunities to revitalize businesses, whether they involve products or services!

Business leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world embark on pilgrimages to engage in interviews, eager to discover her untapped potentials and become part of her entrepreneurial platform in Europe! It's challenging to discern whether this ability was innate or emerged from her unique first name, "Orhidea"! Good IDEA.

Her innate talent to visually capture the "bright side" of her interviewees is undeniable; to grasp, depict, and metaphorize! Her photographic representations also convey the emotional nuances and potentials of an individual.

She executes these observations with great sensitivity and meticulous care, precisely articulating them in the texts, reflecting how the person feels or would like to feel, with a subtle depiction of the atmosphere never omitted!

For this reason, the monthly release of her Orhideal IMAGE Magazine is eagerly anticipated and avidly read, providing her interview partners with a genuine PRO-FIT experience!

Read it yourself in the new issue:

NWM : Orhidea, how do you manage to create such impressive presentations? What's the secret?

Orhidea: Nika, there's no secret! You have to connect with people, and then it works!

NWM: How do people approach you?

Orhidea: Quite simply, they eventually get the magazine from someone as a link or print and read it! The thought then naturally arises that they could use such a presentation themselves. Eventually, they contact me either by email or on social media and apply for it!

NWM: You approached me yourself! How did that happen?

Orhidea: That's due to my curiosity (we laugh). You caught my eye and senses, and I react simply because I already have a certain image in my mind! Then I reach out, and if it fits, it fits! (We laugh again) And it did fit, didn't it?!

NWM: Absolutely, you were like a glove, but afterward, I saw my future even clearer!

Orhidea: Bringing your product to market in Europe, I had that vision immediately because we business people have little time for sports. I wear your Gym in A Box strap while working on the computer, just in between. It's fantastic! Working with you on PR is a lot of fun for me! It's like playing tennis across the Atlantic!

NWM: The fact is, it's invigorating! Maybe that's why we effortlessly bridge even the ocean? (that was also a reason to laugh)

Orhidea: All based on the principle: "Same soul, same wave!" We are on the same wavelength!

NWM: True, and the waves spread quickly! I want to introduce you to my audience here in the USA with this interview! Tell us more about yourself and your work! How did you get into this?

Orhidea: I had a talent for caricaturing even during school, and because I see people's quirks, it's been fun for me since childhood to elevate these quirks into beauty rather than caricaturing. Initially, I primarily worked with personalities from the media industry, such as actors, presenters, singers, or commercial models. I began preparing them for their next level! Since they always needed advice and a sparring partner independent of agencies on how to increase their market value for success, I developed a plan of action. This also led entrepreneurs to the idea of hiring me to "pilot" their companies to new markets! Well-established entrepreneurs also need fresh impulses, and that's how I've interviewed Wolfgang Grupp, Prince Luitpold of Bavaria, and many others!

NWM: You've basically been "awarded" now, meaning you've received an award for your expression, community building, and "piloting"! Does that make you proud?

Orhidea: Of course, it honors and motivates me extraordinarily! I receive a lot of approval from the partners I showcase in the magazine because I have almost a 100% satisfaction rate, but such recognition is truly extraordinary!

NWM: Well then, let's celebrate properly! When are you coming to visit us in the USA?

Orhidea: You invited me to this interview, and I'm already here anyway! The interview is so comprehensive that I don't need to be physically present offline! We'll have a super online business meeting at some point! What do you think about that?

NWMAgreed! Whenever you want and can!


Here's more information about Orhidea Briegel:

Orhideal - the milestone and amplifier for your entrepreneur reputation!!! Top-notch refinement

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Since 1990, I have been advising and photo-coaching personalities, especially decision-makers in business and media.

With my unique method (Orhidealizing and BrandYourself strategies), I have gained a reputation for optimally visualizing the competencies of individuals. After this training, you not only gain new insights and confidence in your body language and its control but also optimal IMAGE PHOTOS for professional self-PR.

My world is colorful: today with small businesses, tomorrow with craftsmen, the day after tomorrow with industrialists in front of the camera. My profession brings a high frequency of contact. I encounter solo fighters, celebrities, conservatives, free thinkers, trendsetters, scientists, technicians, and visionaries across the board.

After successfully training in front of the camera for twenty years and meeting many prominent figures, relationship management has become my focus. My magazine Orhideal IMAGE with all special editions showcases professional profiles, as I got to know them during photo coaching. The motto is "Show your face and take responsibility for your own entrepreneurial actions."

ImageDesign through Orhideal PhotoCoaching® Utilizing stereotypes A good image photo of you as an entrepreneur triggers in the viewer exactly the thoughts and effects that you have strategically considered beforehand and expressed in this photo. Unconsciously, we all carry images and ideas inside us that we associate with certain professional activities.

Job titles trigger, more or less concrete, ideal associations in us. I call these positive clichés. You might object now that such general cliché ideas do not apply to you at all? You want to be unique! Correct!

That's precisely what my work is about: consciously linking the individuality of my clients with the market's expectations for the benefit of their entrepreneurial goals. Presenting yourself as distinctive and at the same time coming as close as possible to the job clichés, the positive prejudices of your company with your target group, is the goal of my work.

In every ImageDesign process, the focus is not primarily on what you have learned or studied. It's about your counterpart, the viewer of your image, believing that you can do "it" and do it right! These accolades, these preconceived notions, bring you a whole range of benefits. Your reputation, which precedes you, is shaped by the inner message of your image photo: What messages does the viewer associate with the image of my personality? What expectations does my photo trigger?

A harmonious photo image includes not only professionally high-quality photos but also takes into account the strengths and minor weaknesses of every person. Each face is shaped by life and professional experiences. Expressing that in a picture goes far beyond the messages that normal photos of your face convey, whether styled or natural. It encompasses your entire personality.

StoryTelling Orhideal® - StoryTelling is a competent visual language with which we jointly control the associations that your corporate personality should evoke in the viewer. It is my overall work from the marketing idea to the visual representation of the  responsible persons. 

To successfully distinguish yourself from the mass of providers, it is no longer enough to address potential customers with product advantages and classic company presentations. Only emotional communication can awaken the customer's imaginative power and make benefits tangible and understandable. Then he becomes enthusiastic. Many smaller companies focus on sales. Image work doesn't seem so important to them because they have to push sales immediately. However, it's much easier when the company has made a name for itself. You still have to sell yourself: But if the good reputation that precedes you, the trust advance, is already there, your job is largely sold. According to the motto: From "Who are you" to "You are who." That's how I can explain the success of the Orhideal IMAGE platform.


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