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Hi readers, buckle up because today we have the one and only James Dunn, a trailblazing model, and all-around achiever, right here with us for an exclusive interview. Get ready to be inspired and motivated by his story as we share it with you through the pages of NIKA's World Magazine.

With a long list of titles and awards, James is definitely no stranger to success. He has won several international awards, pageants, and even dabbles in voice acting and promotions. But what sets this self-made man apart is his humble roots and his deep spiritual connection with God that has guided him along the way. 

Born and raised in Roanoke, Virginia, James has worked as a skilled tradesman, played various sports in high school, and even tried his hand at fire-fighting. But it was God who brought him to the world of modeling, and James has never looked back since.

When asked why he chose this particular field, James simply states that he believes it is his calling, and his success speaks for itself. But behind the glitz and glamour, James is a down-to-earth guy who loves fishing, hiking, and staying fit. He emphasizes the importance of taking care of the mind, body, and soul, and credits his health and fitness routine as a crucial factor in his success.

For those who dream of becoming a model, James has some sassy advice- never give up on your dreams and stay motivated, consistent, and loyal to your craft. As for his own future, James sees himself as a billionaire and a leader shining light in the world in the next five years.

He draws inspiration from the likes of Tyson Beckford, Floyd Mayweather, Michael Jordan, and Denzel Washington, and credits their hard work and determination as fuel for his own success. 

But don't be fooled, it's not all strict diets and workout routines for James. He believes in enjoying life and everything in moderation. So yes, he may hit the gym regularly and follow a healthy lifestyle, but he also knows how to unwind and indulge in his guilty pleasures.


NWM: Hi James, so good to have you!

James: Hello and thank you it's a big honor to be here with you !


NWM: Tell us more about yourself.

James: I'm James Lamont Dunn from Roanoke Virginia United States.Im a multi International Award Winner, Classic Mr WOW World 2021 Pageant Winner Neatherlands,Mr Global America Nation 2023-2024 Ambassador/Representative,Mr Perfect Fashion King GCE 2023-2024 Hollywood International Talent Show, International Animated Voiceover Actor,Brand Ambassador for Heart of Hollywood,Top Model, International Fashion Runway Model,LMA International Leadership Award Winner 2022-2023, International Billboards, International Published, International Radios and Interviews! Upcoming Professional Boxing Promoter, CEO of Dunn Right Promotions also Executive!   

NWM: Why are you interested in being featured in this magazine?

James: I'm interested in being featured in this magazine is dat I love fitness and working out also taking care of the mind,body and soul and I love what Nikas doing with fitness and things also health is wealth!   

NWM: Tell our readers about your background.

James: I come from a small city in Virginia worked as a skilled tradesman which you can say jack of all trades. I love fishing,hiking,working out,sports which I played in Highschool as football,track and baseball including Several Semi Pro Football Leagues! Done some Fire Fighting as well! I'm humble and I stay to myself at times as well I've been homeless before! I am very spiritual with God!   

NWM: Why have you chosen this particular field? What made you getting into modeling?

James: God brought me to modeling! I've done a little at my younger age and got offers with agents but I went around and done other things in my electrical trade! I know it's meant for me to be here today as a great Model and Fashion Icon in the fashion and modeling world! All I can say is dat it's for the best through God! Our young generation needs great leaders!   

NWM:Describe your talent

James: My talent is that I'm a High achiever and Multi Award Winner Internationaly also Global King in the Fashion and Pageant World!   

NWM: What would you recommend everyone who dreams of becoming a model?

James: I recommend every one to follow thier dreams and never give up no matter what opsticals try to get into your way and keep God first also stay motivated and consistent and loyal to your craft!   

NWM: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

James: I see myself in 5 years a billionaire and steady leading the world and shining light! 

NWM: What are your role models?

James: My role models are Tyson Beckford, Floyd Mayweather, Micheal Jordan and Denzel Washington! 

NWM: How do you stay fit?

James: I got to gym and I walk alot also jog including kick boxing even working on houses and being physical with work!   

NWM: Are you on a special diet ?

James: I'm not on a special diet! 

NWM: Wow that’s impressive as you are in great shape…What are your tips coming to beauty routines?

James: My tips are drinking water, electrolytes and taking care of your skin alot!   

NWM: What are your future plans?

James: My future plans are to buy businesses, coach and full-time modeling and acting! 

NWM: Have you heard about GYM IN A BOX, would you consider incorporating it into your fitness & beauty routines ?

James: Yes it will be great to incorporate in my fitness routines!   

NWM: That’s amazing, we need to have you try it then! What is your major weakness?

James: My weakness is toxic things like toxic people! I don't think about weakness really I think about Strength!   

NWM: Absolutely, we couldn’t agree more. What advice would you give to people who are interested in a model career?

James: My advice to give people who are interested into becoming a model is to build a portfolio, take lots of professional and clean photos, make and design you a comp card and send to modeling agencies as resume! 

NWM: Where can our readers find you?

James: YouTube: @jamesdunn495


Instagram: jamesldunn78

Tic Tok: @jamesdunn401


As we wrap up this interview with James Dunn, we are reminded that success is not a one-size-fits-all formula, and it's the journey and the struggles along the way that make the destination truly worth it. And as we look towards the future, we have no doubt that James Dunn will continue to make waves in the fashion and modeling world. Keep shining, James!




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