Nika & Nino Cristiani Co-Founders & Inventors of GYM IN A BOX™ Luxury Toning Apparel

Gym In A Box - Made in LA

Wishing you Merry Christmas 🎁🎄 and Happy Holidays!

"Celebrate endings—for they precede new beginnings."

We created a lot of new amazing products for you, adding to our power collection in 2021! Stay tuned for more fantastic ToneUp15 infused power garments!

Just one hint: How would you love a super sexy power YogaPants that would shape your thighs, help with Cellulite control and give you a booty lift??? 
Stay excited 🤩🤩🤩🤩

Nika & Nino Cristiani, Inventors GYM IN A BOX

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