Nika Cristiani, Creator Of "GYM IN A BOX" launches NEW LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE " NIKA'S WORLD "

GIAB Nika Cristiani Creator Of Gym In A Box

Meet NIKA Cristiani, Co-Founder & Creator of GYM IN A BOX Premium Reshaping Of Your Curves, Beverly Hills, California and discovered the incredible story in our FIRST INTERVIEW in NIKA'S WORLD MAGAZINE of how NIKA sold out her products in just 5 minutes on QVC HomeShopping TV! Join us as we share her strategies and secrets to success and why she decided to launch this magazine on order to support all of you promoting yourself, your business and products FOR FREE ! Don't miss out on this inspiring journey!  It‘s  time to skyrocket your business as well so read until the end and learn how you can do that AT NO COSTS and get featured on the cover of our NEW LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE FOR FREE.



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Are you bored with the mundane workout routines? Are you eager to achieve your body sculpting dreams without being a gym rat? Look no further, because we have some electrifying updates for you! The latest fitness and lifestyle craze, GYM IN A BOX, has been dominating in L.A. and has now spread its wings worldwide.

GYM IN A BOX has taken the fitness world by storm with its patented micro current technology “ ToneUp15®”. This innovative approach to fitness not only helps tone and sculpt your body, but it also has anti-aging benefits. Yes, you read that right. You can achieve a more toned and youthful-looking body with just 15 minutes of workout using their products.

GYM IN A BOX is here to change the game. Founded in 2015 by Nika & Nino Cristiani in the heart of Beverly Hills, their mission is simple but powerful: To eliminate barriers and help individuals reach their health, beauty, and fitness goals. GYM IN A BOX is destined to make a difference.

In the world of health, beauty, and fitness, GYM IN A BOX is making waves as an award-winning smart fitness product line and technology. This innovative brand is dedicated to breaking down barriers and helping individuals achieve their wellness goals. With its cutting-edge technology and a touch of sass, GYM IN A BOX  has emerged as a game-changer in the industry. GYM IN A BOX has quickly become a household name, and it's no surprise considering its commitment to delivering smart fitness solutions to every individual. Its accessibility to the masses is further amplified through the brand's presence on TV and QVC Home Shopping TV channels, allowing millions of viewers to discover and benefit from their products.

Their mission: Reinventing the Workout Routine One Smart Workout At A Time.

Gone are the days of endless repetitions and strenuous workouts. GYM IN A BOX  provides a fresh approach to fitness by utilizing the groundbreaking muscle stimulation technology called ToneUp15®. This patented technology allows us to reshape how people work out, bringing a whole new level of convenience and efficiency to your fitness routine.

Say goodbye to traditional weightlifting and lengthy cardio sessions; GYM IN A BOX introduces miniaturized muscle stimulation devices that are not only easy to use but also travel-friendly. These wearables and beauty devices allow you to activate and engage all your muscles in a matter of minutes, eliminating the risk of injury commonly associated with intense workouts.

As we chatted with Nika Cristiani, CEO, Co-Founder, and expert in healthy aging, we couldn't help but feel enthralled by her dynamic personality. A seasoned home shopping TV host, author, celebrity trainer, and designer of wearable tech, Nika has an unparalleled passion for inspiring others. Her story of personal transformation through GYM IN A BOX is sure to ignite a fire in you to take control of your own health and wellness journey, especially as we age. According to Nika, it's time for a fresh perspective on how we approach our bodies and feel confident in our skin without breaking the bank on expensive body sculpting and skin rejuvenation.

Here is a fresh spin on Nika's incredible creation, GYM IN A BOX ! This clever range of fitness and anti-aging accessories is the ultimate support system for your active lifestyle. Not only does it offer at-home workouts and beauty rituals, but it also harnesses cutting-edge technologies like MicroCurrent, Ultrasonic Red-light Therapy, Fat Cavitation, and Emsculpt. Nika's "As seen on TV" award- winning At-Home BodySculpting and Facial Rejuvenation line is a one-of-a-kind addition to your fitness and beauty routine. And the best part? It's finally accessible and affordable for EVERYONE!

The dynamic duo, Nika and Nino Cristiani, founders of GYM IN A BOX  and the masterminds behind ToneUp15® technology, have a clear-cut mission: to help individuals worldwide attain a healthier and more fulfilling life. Their passion for aiding others isn't just limited to their brand; it's an integral part of their personal relationship as well. With over 30 years of experience, this dynamic pair has built a fitness empire in Europe and the USA, making them the ultimate power-couple. As certified nutritionists, celebrity trainers, and experts in sports therapy and electronic muscle stimulation, they have devoted their lives to coaching and transforming countless lives, blending cutting-edge technology with their unique brand of wit. Additionally, their powerhouse Cristiani's Balance | E-Balance PowerGym utilizes their unrivaled expertise to guide individuals towards their fitness aspirations.

One of the most incredible aspects of Nika and Nino's work is their use of scientifically-proven fitness technology - ToneUp15®. This revolutionary BodySculpting technology allows you to tone up and gain muscles without even moving a muscle, even if you're recovering from an injury. It's no surprise that this has caught on worldwide, helping countless individuals improve their health, strength, and overall fitness game. Who says you can't have it all?


But it's not just physical health that Nika and Nino are passionate about. As they have seen through their work, exercise also has a significant impact on mental health and well-being. Studies have shown that people who exercise regularly have better mental and emotional well-being and lower rates of mental illnesses. Exercise can also boost our mood, concentration, alertness, and overall physical health. And in today's world, where stress and mental illness are on the rise, this is more important than ever.

Welcome to Nika's World Magazine interview with Nika Cristiani, the brilliant and dynamic CEO and co-founder of GYM IN A BOX. We can't wait to learn more about this revolutionary brand that has been shaking up the fitness world.

NWM: Nika, thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. We can't wait to learn more about this revolutionary brand that has been shaking up the fitness world.

NIKA: Thank you guys, I am so very honored to be on the cover of this very special edition, and telling my story, it means a lot to me.

NWM: Congrats, Nika! You've been killin' it since our last chat. Not only did you snag a pile of awards for being a boss entrepreneur and innovator, but you also got your ToneUp15® patented fitness tech on home shopping giant QVC - and it sold out in a freakin' 5 mins! Spill the tea, babe!

NIKA: Oh, stop it, you're making me blush. But seriously, it's been a wild ride. My team and I have been hustlin' hard, and damn, have we achieved some amazing things! The progress our team and I have made since we last spoke is truly impressive. I am immensely proud of what we have achieved and we are only just beginning. Having our products featured on QVC is something we have always dreamed of and we are overjoyed about it. As a consumer product developer, it has been a long-awaited milestone and I am thrilled to have made it a reality. Our first product selling out on our QVC's launch exceeded all expectations and we are now focused on increasing our production to meet the high demand. It is truly a blessing.

NWM: What accolades have you added to your collection lately?

NIKA: Our GYM IN A BOX fitness, wellness, and beauty line has received multiple prestigious awards including "Best Newcomer Active Wear 2023," "Most Innovative Active Wear 2023," and "Product of the Month  Nov. & Dec. 2022." Additionally, we were honored to be recognized as "The Secret Training Tools of the Stars" and "Inventors of the Year 2022," alongside my business partner, husband, and Co-Founder Nino Cristiani. I am also proud to have been awarded "Rising Star Female Entrepreneur 2023." Our successes have been featured in the October 2023 issue of "Best Holistic Life Magazine," where we were voted as the "Hottest New BodySculpting & Beauty Technology 2024" and "Most Loved Product Line among Influencers and their Followers." However, what truly matters to us is the quality of our products, our strong work ethic, and the positive reviews and results from our customers. Our main goal is to help others and positively impact their lives, and that is the greatest reward for us. But don't just take my word for it, our loyal customers have experienced incredible results and can attest to the effectiveness of our products.

NWM: We've heard a lot about your patented micro current technology, ToneUp15®. Can you tell us more about this and how it sets GYM IN A BOX apart from other fitness brands?

NIKA: ToneUp15® is truly a game-changer. Not only does it help tone and sculpt your body, but it also has anti-aging benefits. We believe in not just looking good, but feeling good as well. Our technology allows for a convenient and effective workout in just 15 minutes. Plus, it's suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

NWM: Speaking of ages, we couldn't help but notice the mention of pro-aging expertise in your title. Can you tell us more about GYM IN A BOX's approach to health and beauty?

NIKA: Absolutely! GYM IN A BOX has a holistic approach to health and beauty. We believe in embracing the aging process and empowering individuals to feel confident and beautiful at any age. That's why our products not only help with fitness, but also with anti-aging and beauty needs. It's all about feeling good in your own skin.

NWM: It's clear that GYM IN A BOX has been making waves in the industry, with awards and recognition for its innovation. What do you credit for the brand's success?

NIKA: Our success is a result of our unwavering commitment to our mission - to eliminate barriers and help individuals reach their health, beauty, and fitness goals. We also owe it to our amazing team and the support of our loyal customers who have made GYM IN A BOX a household name.

NWM: How does GYM IN A BOX manage to outshine traditional gym workouts in terms of desirability and convenience? What’s their secret sauce?

NIKA: What truly sets GYM IN A BOX apart is its holistic approach to fitness and wellness. We understand that health is not just about looking good on the outside, but also feeling good on the inside. Our product line not only help you achieve your fitness goals, but it also promotes overall wellness and weight loss, if used regularly and by adapting a balanced diet. For those who are looking to keep their workout regime going even when they are away from the gym, GYM IN A BOX’s compact and easy to transport devices allow everyone the chance to feel the flexibility of a gym in their own home or on the go. Designed to provide users with easy-to-use wearables, GYM IN A BOX gives people access to their body’s muscles in a much shorter amount of time, with no injury risk. In essence, GYM IN A BOX has revolutionized the way we exercise and stay in shape.

Why settle for mediocrity when you can achieve greatness? GYM IN A BOX ensures that every session is optimized for maximum results. The combination of state-of-the-art technology and user-friendly design makes for an unparalleled fitness experience. By activating all your muscles and providing targeted stimulation, our devices enhance muscle tone, boost strength, and improve overall fitness levels. Expect to see visible results sooner than you can imagine. top

NWM: What prompted you to create GYM IN A BOX and what motivated you?

NIKA: Since the beginning of time, humans have been striving to find faster and easier ways to become physically fit. From running, weightlifting, and endless cardio exercises, the challenge has always been to find the fastest way to improve our physical appearance. At GYM IN A BOX, we believe that fitness has no restrictions. We are revolutionizing Fitness with Smart Technology. We started to develop GYM IN A BOX in 2015. Our goal is to empower people of all ages and fitness levels to reach their next level. Our unique product line ensures complete muscle activation, giving attention to every part of your body. No longer limited to celebrities , professional athletes or fitness enthusiasts, GYM IN A BOX is for everyone. As former gym owners and fitness professionals, we understand the struggle of motivating people to regularly go to the gym, stick to a diet, and make significant lifestyle changes. Statistically, up to 67% of gym memberships remain unused, highlighting the difficulty of motivating people. Our smart apparel, infused with technology, surpasses traditional methods of gyms, trainers, and diets. We make it easy to incorporate fitness into your individual lifestyle, eliminating the first barrier to a healthier you. After all, who wouldn't want to improve their health, fitness, and appearance with just the push of a button? With GYM IN A BOX, you can see results in your curves and skin, at a fraction of the cost of clinic treatments. No more rushing to the gym or struggling to fit workouts into your busy schedule. GYM IN A BOX brings fitness to you, offering unparalleled convenience and portability. No matter where you are, whether traveling, at work, or at home, our smart wearables and compact devices allow you to effortlessly maintain your fitness routine without sacrificing your other commitments.

NWM: What's the reason behind GYM IN A BOX's catchy nickname "The Workout Without Working Out"? Let us enlighten you with more information.

NIKA: The idea came from recognizing the need for a more accessible and efficient way to workout. As a busy professional myself, I know how difficult it can be to find the time and motivation to hit the gym. That's when it hit me - why not bring the gym to people? And that's how GYM IN A BOX was born. GYM IN A BOX is designed to make a real difference. It's a game-changing solution that helps you achieve your desired body and face shape without leaving the comfort of your home. With just a push of a button, you can embark on a natural journey towards your fitness and beauty goals. Say farewell to unused gym memberships and costly Medi-Spa treatments, and say hello to visible results. Our Smart Apparel & Beauty Devices utilize Micro Current Toning Boosters to melt away excess fat, tighten problem areas, lift sagging skin, and reduce cellulite and stretch marks. Want a natural and non-invasive face-lift, a plumper booty, toned legs and arms, or a defined waistline? The magical GYM IN A BOX series is here to sculpt and firm up sagging muscles, all in a safe, painless, and non-surgical manner. You can achieve a full-body workout in just 15 minutes, whether you're relaxing on the couch, doing housework, walking your dog, in your office, or traveling - there are no limits. It doesn't matter what your body type is, or where you are on your fitness journey, our technology adapts to your needs and delivers rapid and lasting results, backed by science and proven by happy customers. power-shirt

NWM: Can you share with us what keeps you going as a female designer in the world of FitTech and Healthy Aging?

NIKA: Our inbox is flooded with incredible "Before and After" pictures from clients of various ages, all expressing their adoration for our products. They tell us how GYM IN A BOX has not only improved their fitness, strength, and overall health, but has also given them a newfound sense of beauty at any age. And as a result, they are living a more joyful life, filled with self-confidence. In today's world where depression, lack of motivation, and hopelessness are prevalent, we are proud to provide hope and true results.

NWM: We couldn't agree more! And we hear you're also an author. What inspired your book "Fifty, Sexy, Healthy & Sharp"?

NIKA: Our clients and followers, of course! I've been sharing my expertise and experience on my blog for years and received so much positive feedback. So I wanted to take it to the next level and turn it into a self-help guide for anyone who wants to age gracefully and confidently. Because let's be real, we can't do it alone - we need support from others on this journey of life. As does every one of life’s imposing endeavors, it’s never one person who succeeds alone. That’s why we are here!

NWM: Very inspiring! What can we expect from GYM IN A BOX in the future?

NIKA: We have big plans for the future! Our goal is to continue to innovate and expand our line of smart fitness products, making fitness more accessible for everyone. We are also excited to introduce our brand on TV MakeOver Reality Shows, making GYM IN A BOX accessible to millions of viewers. Also, our product series is just about to hit the most luxurious hotel Spa’s in Las Vegas and L.A., so big shout out to all Spa owners, Beauty Salon owners, Medi Spa’s , if you’re interested in reviving your business and featuring  the hottest fitness and beauty tools of the stars and selling the latest trend in anti aging and body sculpting technologies- let’s talk about a very lucrative business opportunity :


NWM: So, what exciting projects do you have in the works?

NIKA: Well, let me tell you, I've been offered some juicy Reality TV gigs that will give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at my glamorous life of developing state-of-the-art fitness technology and hobnobbing with Hollywood's elite. I can't wait to start filming in January. And that's not all – we're taking our brand global with an expansion into QVC HomeShopping TV and finding worldwide distributors for our brand.

And the real cherry on top? Teaming up with fellow female boss ladies like Terha Marie and Ileka Falette for our luxurious "Sensual Health Boost 2024" retreats and our new Masterclass, theMiracle Body Makeover” Experiencewhere we'll be helping people of all ages, reclaim their health, energy, sex-life and happiness. From 1 on 1 coaching to luxury retreats and group programs, we're all about empowering women and men, making some serious boss moves. Because when people support each other, magic happens. Sign up now and save $ 400 on the best New Years resolution you could possibly make as it will last a lifetime . Join our power movement

NWM: Absolutely! And now, let's talk about your latest venture - your new LOVE YOUR BODY Fit & Firm Skincare line. What's the scoop there?

NIKA: Oh, it's the hottest thing out there! I've partnered with Clientele Beauty, one of America's top skincare developers, to create a personalized and clean Body Sculpting Gel. It's designed to help tone and firm your body, reduce cellulite and stretch marks - and who doesn't want

NWM: Alright, now this sounds like a business venture we need to know more about! Tell us, Nika, what exactly motivated you to create this all-clean Bodycare line?

NIKA: I am thrilled to introduce my new, all clean LOVE YOURV BODY Fit & Firm by NIKA skincare line that I just launched , developed and custom formulated in the USA, with Clientele Beauty, one of America’s most prestigious Skincare Developers.

My Skincare products are developed by scientists with over 45 years of skincare expertise. LOVE YOUR BODY Fit & Firm by NIKA provides a boost to your workout and a firming treatment for your skin. This formula is designed to help sculpt and firm your body and reduce the appearance of cellulite, dimples, and stretch-marks. One of the key ingredients in this powerful gel is Actigym. Derived from the marine world, it works to improve body tone and redefine your silhouette. In fact, studies have shown that it can reduce abdomen and thigh contour, as well as arm sagging. And the results are even more impressive when combined with physical activity. How awesome is this?

Say goodbye to flabby skin and hello to a firmer, more toned body with the HOTTEST new Body Sculpting Skincare Product, LOVE YOUR BODY Fit & Firm Body Sculpting Gel by NIKA!

LOVE YOUR BODY Fit & Firm provides a boost to your workout and a firming treatment for your skin. This formula is designed to help sculpt and firm your body and reduce the appearance of cellulite, dimples, and stretch-marks. But what truly sets my “ Love Your Body” Fit & Firm BodySculpting Gel apart is its clean formula. It's paraben-free, gluten-free, and cruelty-free, vegan and with natural ingredients. This revolutionary new skincare gel is also designed to enhance the efficiency of all our GYM IN A BOX  smart apparel and beauty devices. Enjoy hassle-free skincare with no downtime, no discomfort, and safe at-home treatments. Love yourself, love your body, and everything else will follow. Now is your chance to try the NEW “Love Your Body” Fit & Firm Body Sculpting Gel by Celebrity Fitness Expert Nika Cristiani. This nourishing Gel is absorbed quickly bringing into your cellulite areas the benefits of firming botanicals, Creatine, L-Carnitine and ActigymTM, the clinically-proven marine ingredient that mimics the effects of endurance training and helps improve tone. Get ready ton be fit, firm & fabulous!

NWM: We are eagerly anticipating trying it out! What is your personal mantra?

NIKA: I bring to life the things I yearn for. Having a strong sense of self and a clear vision for your future sets the foundation for reaching out to the world and chasing your dreams in pursuit of a better life, that’s why my mantra would be

I create the things I wish existed”.


NWM:Thank you, Nika, for sharing your inspiring story and giving us a peek into the world of GYM IN A BOX . We can't wait to see what the future holds for your brand. Happy New Year and here's to a healthier, more confident you with GYM IN A BOX.

Dear Readers,

if you're looking to improve your physical and mental well-being, Nika and Nino are here to help. Get ready to turn heads, make jaws drop, and feel unstoppable. Are you ready to unlock your full potential? With their expertise in nutrition, fitness, and rehabilitation, combined with the incredible technology of GYM IN A BOX Smart Apparel and Beauty devices, they can help you achieve your goals. Don't hesitate to reach out to them and start your journey towards a healthier and happier life today. With NIKA's expert touch, this product line not only promises a firm and toned skin and a shapely body, but also improves your overall well-being. And who can say no to that?

When it comes to breaking barriers and challenging norms, Nika Cristiani, the creator and CEO of GYM IN A BOX , stands as a shining example. In a male-dominated industry, Nika has not only defied odds but has taken her company to new heights. Despite the hurdles encountered along the way, her incredible journey serves as an inspiration to all aspiring entrepreneurs, especially women aiming for the stars.

As the CEO of Cristiani's Balance Fitness & Nutrition, LLC, Nika has shown unwavering determination and resilience in her pursuit of greatness. She understands that success doesn't come easy, especially for women in the tech industry. Nevertheless, she has managed to achieve feats that even billion-dollar companies in similar domains have failed to accomplish. Nika takes great pride in her husband Nino, who serves as the tech developer for their company, for helping secure patents that eluded other giants in the field. It is this relentless pursuit of excellence that sets Nika apart as a true leader.

As a woman CEO, Nika believes in the power to inspire and empower future generations. Through her innovative muscle stimulating technologies, Nika and her team at Cristiani's Balance Fitness & Nutrition, LLC have revolutionized the fitness industry. Despite facing numerous challenges, including the hurdles posed by the pandemic and years of business lockdowns, they emerged stronger than ever before. Nika's brainchild, GYM IN A BOX, along with its award-winning product line, has taken the market by storm. With wearable fitness technology and beauty devices that have been praised as "The Secret Training Tools Of The Stars," the company has achieved tremendous success.

Building an empire from scratch is no easy task, but Nika Cristiani has defied odds and carved her own path to success. Her determination, combined with the unyielding support of Team GYM IN A BOX and everyone who believed in her vision, has propelled her to new heights. The recent recommendation to the world's largest consumer platform, QVC USA, is just one testament to her unstoppable drive. In conclusion, Nika Cristiani's journey is nothing short of remarkable. As a sassy and bold woman CEO she has shattered glass ceilings, broken barriers, and paved the way for others to dream big. Through her leadership, Nika exemplifies what it means to be an empowered woman in business. Her relentless pursuit of excellence, inclusive leadership style, and unwavering determination to inspire and empower others make her a true inspiration in today's world.

Join Nika and the GYM IN A BOX movement towards equality, inclusivity, and pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a woman CEO. Together, we can continue to break barriers and empower women across all industries. Dream big, embrace challenges, and let your inner CEO shine!If you sign up for their newsletter, you will also receive free nutritional advice, valuable lifestyle hacks and you will stay on top of the game with beauty and fitness news and new  GYM IN A BOX product launches.




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