New Year's Resolutions MADE EASY !

New Year's Resolutions MADE EASY !

NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS MADE EASY With the World’s most efficient Waist Trainer .

Discover  GYM IN A BOX™  CoreWrap, the World's most efficient Body Shaper. 

Featuring Ultimate Performance TechnologyToneUp15™.

Ultimate Toning Technology designed to deliver fast toning & firming results, whilst the modern Corset-like Design creates the ultimate  slimming & shaping effect, developing the perfect hourglass figure.


Thermal Silver fabric creating an intense Abs & Core Workout with seamlessly integrated Electro Muscular Stimulation. A new way to exercise without having to spend hours in the gym. It not only gives you the benefits of a conventional waist trainer, but also creates a real workout effect, generating 200 ab contractions in 15 minutes! Now that's what we call a workout!

Say hello to your new HOME - GYM Buddy and start TODAY with transforming into your 2021 DREAM BODY, just by wearing GYM IN IN A BOX CoreWrap.


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