How to easily get fit with GYM IN A BOX™ CoreWrap regardless of Covid-19 Gym lockdowns !

Especially during the COVID-19 lockdown with all gyms closed, it’s really hard to get motivated to really stick with a daily workout routine, as we should.

GYM IN A BOX™️ CoreWrap with integrated new Muscle Stimulation Technology “ ToneUp15 ™️ can solve this problem! You don’t even have to lift a finger to get toned abs and achieve the body of your dreams!

 How to easily use GYM IN A BOX ™️ CoreWrap abs get fit regardless of Covid-19 Gym lockdowns !

Our product Designer Nika Cristiani created this tutorial video for you all privately, since professional video productions are not COVID-19 compliant and safety is our top priority at Cristiani’ s Balance Fitness & Nutrition, LLC.

It will authentically explain you step by step how to use the CoreWrap. Have fun

Nika Cristiani wearing Gym In A Box CoreWrap
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