How To Get Rid Of A Muffin Top | Combat Weight Gain After 30 | How to get a better Body 40+

How To Get Rid Of A Muffin Top | Combat Weight Gain After 30 | How to get a better Body 40+

How can we combat weight gain and belly caused by aging, stress, and lifestyle after 30s?

Nika Cristiani, our Co- Founder & Certified  Nutritionist decided to dig deep into the latest studies to find the root causes of weight gain and MuffinTops.

Many women are fighting with similar issues:

"40 was not kind to me; with no change in my eating habits, I went from a size two to a size ten. I have a very slight bone structure... I was devastated! I exercised, I went carb-free, Nothing worked!

Plus my hair changed texture, my nails fell apart, I got acid reflux and constipation. I bloated up looking pregnant..... I tried the "special yogurt"... it did nothing."

Many women think that weight gain and MuffinTop in 30-50s were normal and can’t be stopped.

Along with bloating, low energy and digestive issues.

Even after trying various diets like Paleo, Keto, low-carb, intermittent fasting and gluten-free diets...

Or intense workout like CrossFit, spin classes, and F45...

Nothing worked.

The weight kept going up

The MuffinTop stayed on

And there’s nothing they can do about it.

How can women gain back control of their lives and transforming this otherwise “difficult time” into the perfect prime of their lives.

Here are 3 100% natural ingredients that help address the root causes of weight gain and MuffinTop:

Once these root causes are resolved, the weight starts to come off naturally.

1️⃣ Moringa Leaf Extract

Gym In A Box

Aging, stress and unhealthy lifestyle can cause the immune system to get weaker over time.

A weak immune system tends to slow down metabolism and send ingested food to be stored as fat rather than converting it to energy.

As this continues over time, weight increases and MuffinTop appears.

This is one of the biggest causes of MuffinTop that most people don’t know about. And by taking steps to improve the immune system, the MuffinTop can come off quickly.

Solution: Moringa Leaves

Moringa Leaves is known for its immune-boosting benefits. Commonly used as a detoxifying herb in the East, it is also extremely nutrient-dense and rich in polyphenols.

A daily dose of moringa leaves replenishes key vitamins and minerals in the body while boosting antioxidant levels at the same time.


2️⃣ Golden Turmeric Root Extract (95% Curcuminoids)

 Gym In A Box

Stress and unhealthy lifestyle can also cause higher inflammation levels.


High Inflammation levels can cause expanded fat cells, increased fat absorption and weight gain.

Solution: Curcumin

Curcumin is often called a “miracle” ingredient due to its strong anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial benefits, which support weight control, digestion and joint pain.

Curcuminoids are one of the most bioavailable forms of curcumin in the market today.

For the best effect, we’ve also added Black Pepper, which helps to increase the absorption of curcumin.


3️⃣ Fat Neutralizing Probiotics

Gym In A Box

As we age, unhealthy food and environment can also cause bad bacteria to grow quicker in the gut (which may also lead to gut inflammation and “leaky gut”)

This is why it’s common to have belly bloating, weight gain, and other digestive issues after 30s.

Solution: Probiotics

Probiotics are great for strengthening the gut and populate it with good bacteria. 

When taken together, they can help manage food cravings, promote healthier metabolism and improve digestion.

By combining these 3 key ingredients together,  helps to:

1. Manage weight gain

2. Ease cravings

3. Manage bloating

4. Combat MuffinTop

5. Give a burst of new energy throughout the day

6. Support healthy digestion

7. Promote healthier metabolism

8. Soothe obesity-causing inflammation

9. Slow down fat accumulation

10. Boost immunity

… and lots more.


And the best part?

It’s 100% natural!

Which means there’s less risk of long term health complications :)

🍀 Safe & Natural

🥒 Vegan, Keto, Paleo Friendly, Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Stimulant-free

This makes it safe, effective and great for taking it for the long term!


Combined  with a healthy nutrition, we recommend Gym In A Box™️ CoreWrap with patented and Scientifically Proven Muscle Stimulation Technology for daily Ab exercises,  delivering quick results against the Muffin Top. 
Gym In A Box

Designed to Maximize your Potential, Tone & Tighten the Abdomen and for Faster, Visible Results in 4 weeks. Creating 200 Ab contractions in 1 toning session! All you have to do is put on your GYM IN A BOX™ for 12-15 minutes a day. The perfect complement to any workout routine and a great and affordable alternative to traditional exercise.

Tone Up safely from the comfort of your home, at work or out and about. Sculpt your body in minutes with modern corset features and develop an instant hourglass figure. Switch On Your Muscles NOW, what are you waiting for?

Many women shared with us that they are thrilled with how they’re able to manage their weight gain and reduce MuffinTop for the first time - even in their 30s - 50s.

They also have more energy, felt less bloating and have better digestions.



Hear it from our customers:

From Joyce B.

“I have tried many products that promised so much and failed but your product came through with flying colors. I’m thrilled to be losing inches off my waist ...Thank you from the bottom of my heart”

Rebecca C.

“I was wrestling with digestive problems since I had my babies. Postpartum belly fat  is especially a problem for me. I tried lots of product  but nothing worked as well as I hoped.

I decided to try Gym In A Box  because of the great reviews, and within THREE weeks, my body felt like it was back on track and my belly are was already much firmer.

My stomach feels flatter. I feel lighter so I get to wear my favorite dresses again. It’s really given me a good kickstart for me to get my body back. Highly recommend it!”

Nita R.

No more Muffin Top! This is the best product on the market as far as I'm concerned. It is awesome. My first 6 weeks were crazy good. My stomach had never felt as flat in YEARS! And the weight… went from 193 to 187. I have love my CoreWrap , NO MORE Muffin Top!! Thank you!

Claudine U.

I saw the ad for Gym In A Box  and the many good reviews so I decided to give it a try. I'm happy to say that it works! I've definitely seen a reduction in my belly fat area and on my waist line ! My weight even went down from the swearing that comes with the muscle contraction I guess, yay ! I would definitely recommend Gym In A Box !”

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