How GYM IN A BOX ™ can help with back pain ...

How GYM IN A BOX ™ can help with back pain ...
Gym In A Box CoreWrap fir ultimate Muscle Stimulation Suffering from back pain? 
we cab help! What you need is:
Stability for the body.
GYM iN A BOX helps with back pain
A person's muscles set movements in motion and keep the body upright.  The back muscles in particular ensure the stability and mobility of the back, while the abdominal muscles have a supportive effect.  The better these muscles are trained, the lower the stress on the spine.
The abdominal muscles complement and support the back and core muscles in movement and posture.
It can be trained specifically through the corsage design by GYM (N A BOX CoreWrap. The incorporated acrylic rods serve for stabilization, while the Silver Toning Booster Pads are placed to the left and right of the navel.
How can the abdominal muscles act on back pain? 👇

ToneUp15 causes a 40 times muscle contraction through electronic impulses.

 ToneUp15 Patented Muscle Stimulating Technology

The abdominal muscles have various tasks that they often perform in cooperation with other muscles or muscle groups:

* They stabilize and relieve the spine,

* move trunk and pelvis,

* assist other muscles in breathing and

* do the abdominal press.


The abdominal muscles are an important antagonist of the autochthonous back muscles.  If you stand upright, your pelvis is tilted slightly forward.

If you stand "tight" upright ("stomach in, chest out"), the muscles of the abdominal wall, buttocks and rear thighs tighten and the pelvis straightens up.  If, on the other hand, the abdominal muscles are slack and untrained, the pelvis tilts forward.  The autochthonous back muscles shorten and the backward curve of the spine in the lumbar region (hollow back) increases.


The muscles of the abdominal wall stabilize and relieve the spine: When the abdominal muscles, the pelvic floor muscles and the diaphragm contract, the pressure in the abdominal cavity increases.  This abdominal press stiffens the trunk and the lumbar spine is relieved.


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