How can GYM IN A BOX ™ help with losing belly fat?

How can GYM IN A BOX ™ help with losing belly fat?
EMS stands for Electro Muscular Stimulation. ToneUp15 is a miniaturized, patent pending new and improved way to adapt Electro Muscle Stimulation and integrate it in a new fitness technology Apparel line called “ Gym In A Box “.  
This means that the skeletal muscles are contracting through the effect of low-frequency impulses (they do not affect smooth muscles such as major organs or the heart).
It is no different to conventional training or daily activities, where the muscles are contracted and controlled by your brain, but EMS training does it 3.5x more efficiently.
We stimulate 98% of the muscle fibers as opposed to 30%.
Integrated ToneUp15 technology will apply an impulse to all your major muscle groups. During a 15 minute workout where you will doing slow movements, or while out and about, even while relaxing on the couch!
The impulse will make your muscles work harder and more efficient, so it will definitely feel like a workout. However there is no jumping or lifting of heavy weights involved.
So EMS is very kind for your joints.
Your training effect outcome will be 18X higher than a regular strength workout!
EMS builds lean muscle, will improve your cardio, improve postures and strength. EMS training has many added benefits than just fast results for fitness, like treating back pain and cellulite.

 Burning calories with GYM IN A BOX

There are no side effects to the work out and it is proven safe to use since decades.
EMS is perfect for anyone from 15 to 100+ years old, from injured to healthy, from people looking to lose fat and weight to people looking to tone more muscle, from beginners to elite athletes! 
Hear it from our testimonies:

"Oh my gosh, I have actually shocked myself! 22 weeks of EMS and I lost 24 kgs. I was a bit apprehensive about EMS training, as it almost sounded too good to be true, but this training at has been life changing for me. ToneUp15 helped me strengthen my tummy area and really tone when I thought this was not even possible...Postpartum, you know!!

I really want to thank the team GYM IN A BOX for introducing me to this amazing new fitness technology!  It is amazing what you guys can do with a 15 min a day toning session! "

 Burning calories with GYM IN A BOX


"I started 15 weeks ago as a testimony for the CoreWrap. . I had a stomach band placed 2 months before that, and the doctors advised exercise to shape my body properly and for my digestion. I found GYM IN A BOX"  on Facebook and loved what it had done for other people, I figured I really needed something extra to help me shape my body after all that weight loss."

 Losing weight With GYM IN A BOX


Cherie :

"You don’t have to pre-think your own workout or find that extra motivation to push yourself to get those results which I love!"

Gym In A Box


       Hear it from our Testimony Heiko

Does It Actually Work?

One study found that a 12-week EMS programme leads to a 30% increase in strength and a slight reduction in fat mass, though the same could be said of most programmes. Another found it helped athletes boost their speed and power.


Burning calories with GYM IN A BOX

Heiko says:

"Calorie burn has been estimated at 200-300 per 15 minute session (my Fitbit indicated my burn was closer to 150 calories, but then I'm 5ft 2in and not very muscular). That's slightly less than you might achieve with a 5K run.

The DOMS was pretty impressive. My abs, in particular, ached in the days after my session, which is a sign that something had happened. I definitely felt like I'd had a good workout."



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