Your plans for New Year's 2021 are going to be a lot different than what they used to be — you may be trading in a New Year's Eve party for more time on the couch in front of a festive New Year's movie — and your resolutions may look different, too. It's still tradition to decide on a few New Year's resolutions before the ball drops on December 31, and this year, a renewed focus on your health may be top of mind. Or, you may be tired thinking about meals or your waistline, in which case you'll turn your sights on your mental health, or your sleep routine, or the mess in your living room — or the mess of your closet!


This year, fill your resolution list with easy, good-for-you goals. 
Use your GYM IN A BOX CoreWrap every day, and you'll not only jumpstart a healthier body and mind — you'll feel fantastic and so psyched to make 2021 a much better year than ever before. 
The coreWrap’s muscle stimulating technology feels like a super deep massage and will calm you down and ease your stress, help your skin glow, and will help you forget  the crazy in your life …You'll find it to be a super easy way to squeeze a little more fitness into your busy days and develop sane strategies for decluttering while the body shaper gives you a nice massage while it tines your abs and shreds inches off your waistline.


And if you are looking for ways to lose weight, we've got some surprising, fresh ideas that will help you get there: Just use your CoreWrap while you walk your dog, play with you kids, vacuum clean your home or on a hike!
This year, it's time to put you first. For even more "new year, new you" inspiration, follow our blogs!


Get ready for your Dream body 2021!

 New Year’s GOALS made easy.

Getting in shape and reducing waist sizes has never been easier with GYM IN A BOX CoreWrap.

Get your Dream Body NOW. 👙

You can pay us back later.🎁

Slims waist up to 2 sizes⁣

✔️ Tones Abs
Sweat 5x more for quicker results⁣
Improves skin appearance
With the World’s most efficient Waist Trainer .
200 ab contractions in 15 minutes! 💪 This. Is. HUGE. 
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4 interest - free installments due every two weeks to tone-up & shape for the Holidays and to already fulfill your New Year’s resolutions way ahead ! 🔥👙
Discover  GYM IN A BOX™  CoreWrap, the World's most efficient Body Shaper.
Featuring Ultimate Performance Technology ToneUp15™.
Ultimate Toning Technology delivering fast toning & firming results, whilst the modern Corset Design creates the ultimate  slimming & shaping effect, developing the perfect hourglass figure.


Time to level up your home workout ! Our modern high-tech Corset is designed to tone, firm and strengthen abdominal muscles and mold the waist, developing a beautiful hourglass figure.
Thermal Silver fabric creating an intense Abs & Core Workout with seamlessly integrated Electro Muscular Stimulation, a new way to exercise without having to spend hours in the gym ... to not only give you the benefits of a conventional waist trainer, but also to create a real workout effect, generating 200 ab contractions in 15 minutes!


Now that's what we call a workout! Say hello to your new home gym buddy 'GYM IN A BOX' CoreWrap and start NOW with transforming into your 2021 DREAM BODY

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