200 Ab contractions in 15 min. with GYM IN A BOX ™ CoreWrap | Electronic Massager Corset

Gym In A Box
has harnessed the world's most advanced STIM-FIT analysis to create ToneUp15 pulse technology to help you get the physique you always wanted in a simple 12-15 minute toning program. 200 abdominal muscle contractions in 15 MIN
Time saving ✅ Money saving ✅ Faster results ✅ Easy of use ✅
Tone anytime, anywhere!
✔️ Sweat 5x more⁣
✔️ Burn calories faster ⁣
✔️ Tone & tighten skin ⁣
✔️ Instant hourglass figure⁣
✔️ Tone Abdominal Muscles
✔️ 200 Ab contractions in 15 min.


Without even lifting a finger, achieve the body of your dreams.

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