Fight the Fat and Win !

Fight the Fat and Win !

Fight the Fat and Win!

Our Ultimate Toning Technology infused Apparel line is designed to target your problem areas simply with the klick on the controller unit.

You can tone and tighten your abdomen and burn calories while literally relaxing on the couch watching Netflix.

But as health and fitness experts, we always encourage people to be active, move your body and taking it to the next level, incorporating our muscle contracting devises in conventional training routines at home, on a hike or to the gym or yoga studio to achieve ultimate results and to stay healthy and fit.

While you can't normally target exactly where you'll lose body fat (aka spot reduce), with GYM IN A BOX you can tailor your workouts to help build more lean muscle in certain spots.

We've got moves to hit your problem areas Love Handles and Muffin Top , wearing and activating your GYM IN A BOX CoreWrap while exercising will increase your fitness effect 18 times and give you faster results! 


Fight the Fat and Win with Gym In A Box CoreWrap

And since targeted training means you'll be adding lean muscle to your frame, these exercises can also help you burn more fat! Add a few of these toning moves into your regular routine or do all together for a full-body, no-gym workout routine.

PROBLEM: Love Handles SOLUTION: T-Rotation Balance

Strengthen all the little muscles that line your waist while you improve your balance and coordination too.

How to do it: Start standing on your right foot and extend your left leg behind you. Bend your right knee and reach both arms straight out in front of you, palms pressed together. Bend forward at the waist, lifting your left leg up as you lean your chest forward, creating a straight line from your foot through your head (forming a 'T' shape with your body).

Slowly open your right arm, rotating it up to the ceiling, turning your chest to the right, and looking up to your right hand.

Slowly and with control, try to lower your right arm and return to the 'T' shape without lowering your left leg. That's one rep. Do 15 reps on the right, then 15 reps on the left, repeating for a total of 3 sets on each leg.


PROBLEM: Muffin Top SOLUTION: Plank Tuck Jumps

This move mixes abdominal work and a cardio burst to help burn body fat while you strengthen your core so you can shed that muffin top faster.

How to do it: Start in a plank position with your feet together. Bend both knees and shift your weight into your arms as you jump both feet in to your hands, lifting your hips up to the ceiling. Land in a tucked position on the balls of your feet, knees bent and between your arms, and then quickly jump back out to your full plank position, keeping your abs tight and not letting your hips sag. That's one rep. Do 3 sets of 10 reps as quickly as you can with good form.

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