Valentine’s Day 2021: The Sexiest gift to fall in love with yourself again!

Stop spending hours agonizing about how you look in the mirror! Instead, fall more in love with yourself with every passing day. Let Cupid’s arrow strike with a vengeance and make you proud to be the person you are.

You are lovable and beautiful the way you look, but if you have been struggling to tone up and love your body, there’s something that can help you get there.

Put down that box of chocolates and pick up a wrap. No, not that kind! A wrap you can wear! That’s GYM IN A BOX™, the ultimate gift of love to yourself.

You don’t need someone else to love you. You need to love yourself. If he didn’t call or send flowers, send yourself something even better. Something that will make you feel your best every single day. And something that would fill them with regrets if they missed out on having your heart.


Keep your heart for yourself and give yourself the GYM IN A BOX™ CoreWrap, the best body shaper anywhere. It features Ultimate Performance Technology ToneUp15™ to firm, tone, and strengthen your abs as it shapes your waist. All you have to do is wrap it on and turn it on just a little bit each day. Thermal silver e-fabric along with patented new fitness technology to help you work your muscles with little effort on your end.

Their ​Unique ​Thermal Silver technology " ToneUp15" has ​silver ions woven into fabrics and is infused into all their activewear. Providing a variety of muscle toning, slimming, skin and health benefits from the moment it touches your skin and contracts your muscles.

A ​posture enhancing waist trimmer with  integrated new patent pending fitness technology called ToneUp15 ™️.

While you wear the CoreWrap, you can get the added effect of stimulating your stomach muscles through a variety of programs designed to give them a workout without you having to do any exercise.

Gym In A Box CoreWrap

Let them sweat. Let them swoon. You’ll be in your own world of bliss when you know what self-love is. GYM IN A BOX™ is the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift to give yourself, a friend, or if you’re looking for a gift for your Valentine of course.



 Longer-lasting than flowers or chocolates, it’s the best gift of all because it promotes a better, healthier life. What are you waiting for?!?



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