Ever asked yourself, what’s the Kardashian secret to having an hourglass waist?

Kardashian Hourglass shape Gym In A Box CoreWrap Electronic Waist Trainer

Ever asked yourself, what’s the Kardashian secret to having an hourglass waist? Or how your favorite social media influencer gets their slim waist? Yes, the answer is a waist trainer.

You might’ve searched what a waist trainer is or perhaps seen it in your Instagram feed.

Nevertheless, what does a waist trainer do exactly? How does it work to help you achieve your prime fitness goals?
Let’s break it down for you, shall we?

Waist trainers are a corset with a modern twist. They’re meant to squeeze in your midsection and shape your figure into an hourglass shape.

Kardashians Hourglass waist Gym In A Box Electronic Waist Trimmer

However, that isn’t all that these body shapers can do…they also help you maintain proper posture and support your back while making you look up 3 sizes smaller once you put on the garment! GYM IN A  BOX™ CoreWrap even goes beyond that. The magic lies inside! We have integrated the latest STIM-FIT technology to not only give you the benefits of a conventional waist trainer, but also to create a real workout effect, generating 200 ab contractions in 15 minutes! Now that's what we call a workout! Say hello to your new home gym buddy "GYM IN A BOX™" !

The ultimate Body Shaping Solution 4 in1

The World’s First Electronic Corset

Firm Abs / Flat Tummy

Slimmer Waistline/ Instant Hourglass

CoreStrength/ Back Support

Massage Function / Muscle Toning

Just 12-15 minutes a day to the Best Abs You’ll Ever Have!

An electronic corset that sends pulses to your muscles, like a vigorous massage, causing them to contract and relax.

Integrated Muscle Toning Boosters  do  the work, you get the results.

With the push of a button, you get 200 pulsating muscle contractions in a 12-minute toning cycle that breaks down unwanted fat tissues for a flatter belly, toned abs and  to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

It helps with postpartum belly recovery, smoothens  the skin, improves flabby, coarser  skin problems and tightens the belly area, toning the abdominal muscles. No uncomfortable vibration. 

No thumping or pounding like massage guns.... just gentle electronic pulses that vigorously massage your muscles to tone, firm and shape your abs.

Still, the real question is, are waist trainers safe?


Gym In A Box Kardashians Waist Slimmer Hourglass Figure
And, yes! Waist training is completely safe as long as you listen to your body and use common sense. The belt is supposed to be tightened to a point where you feel some pressure but not to the point where it’s causing any sort of pain or discomfort.

At first, you might get star struck at how tight it may feel, yet you’ll get used to it with time.

The Benefits Behind Waist Trainers

Besides slimming your figure, some waist trainer corsets can get rid of excess water weight, making you shred extra weight you didn’t even know you had!

Now…calling out all the new moms. We know you’re in a hurry to get back in shape, get that waistline and abs back. Luckily for you, a waist trainer can be the best sidekick for this.

The compression band also improves posture and confidence. There aren’t many things these beauty wonders can’t do. As the body shaper firmly grips onto your skin, it instantly provides more back support, giving you all day proper posture while adding along with the confidence of an hourglass figure.

Types of Waist Trainers

GYM IN A BOX Electronic Waist Trainer Slimmer Waist Kardashians Hourglass Figure

Waist Trainer

  • Adjustable through Velcro Straps
  • Designed for Long-Term use
  • Supportive Boning Structure
  • Lumbar Support
  • Easily Adjustable

Waist Cincher

  • Three row hook-and-eye closure
  • Designed for Short-Term Use
  • Easier to put on
  • More unnoticeable under clothes
  • Lack Boning Support

Waist Trimmers

  • Seamless design
  • Increases body temperature
  • Very comfortable
  • Made for Exercising

How does GYM IN A BOX™ CoreWrap work?

GYM IN A BOX Electronic Waist Trimmer Massager Corset Kardashians Hourglass Figure 

It’s intended to be worn tightly to give you a sleeker, smaller waist. If practiced consistently it can shed inches off your waist permanent and help you achieve an hourglass curvy appearance. With a push on your Muscle Boost Controller Box, you activate your toning session. The integrated ToneUp15 technology contracts your muscles with new STIM-FIT  Technology & delivers an awesome massage effect.

Can it help you lose weight?

A waist trainer can be pretty handy in your mission to lose weight, but it won’t do the whole job for you. The transformation can be impressive, but to get faster results and keep those results, you need to follow a balanced diet and exercise routine.

Wrapping it up

Not only are waist trainers a must when it comes to shaping your figure and losing weight, but they also give you everything you dream for: better posture, an hourglass figure, and bust line support. And the most innovative waist trainer in the world, GYM IN A BOX™ CoreWrap also tones your abs while YOU DO YOU !

Kardashian Hourglass Waist Gym In A Box Electronic Waist Trimmer

Always remember waist trainers work with the help of you! That’s why having a workout routine and a healthy diet is important to go along with it.

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