Nika & Nino Cristiani: Do you have a hard time right now because gyms are closed ? We can help !

Do you have a hard time right now because gyms are closed ? We can help !
Nika and Nino Cristiani, Founders & Inventors of GYM IN A BOX, have been successful entrepreneurs in the fitness industry spanning almost 3 decades.
Since 2016, they used to run the E-Balance Powergym in Marina Del Rey, Exclusive Personal Training Service incorporating Cutting-Edge Fitness Technology training methods.
Nika says:

"I am, just like everyone should be, trying to stay at home and reduce my social contact as much as possible because of the coronavirus outbreak.

But like lots of people I was worried about the impact not being able to spend time at the gym could have on my mental health and that of our clients at our E-Balance PowerGym In Marina Del Rey, where we trained our customers with our EMS (Electro Muscular Stimulation)  power suits, until March 15th, 2020, when Gyms had to shut down to stop the spread.

We had built this business from scratch in 2016, introducing cutting-edge EMS GYM devises to the United States, as certified experts in this fields. Very devastating situation for us and many others in our industry to lose our business and clients due to the pandemic.


Our customers just like myself, love the gym because when you're having to push yourself really hard, that's all you're thinking about.

You can't - when you're having to sprint really fast - be thinking about anything else, thats why its so important to work out and let go of all the stress.

For me personally, working hard in the gym always gave me a real sense of achievement. When gyms shut down everywhere, people started doing outdoors exercise, that is the only way to workout safely at the moment.

As well as the physical impact of gym exercise, people also tell us, the gym feels like a community. Our clients really miss the training with our fitness director and GYM IN A BOX™ Tech Creator and CPO,  Nino Cristiani.

Our clients came to see us at the sometimes up to gym four times a week, they also miss their chats with Nino and his advice and coaching - there's always a very special bond between client and trainer- before the they get going. The gym is great for helping people with depression - even if that's just because it gets them out of the house. Also, they get the attention, that most times they miss getting outside their Personal training session, PT is  mostly also a mentor and mental coach.

Thats why we recommend everyone , to take at least one trip outside a day, that's what you should do with the opportunity of still being able to go outside right now.

Nino Cristiani, Celebrity Trainer

Government advice is currently to avoid gatherings and crowded places , especially indoors , so we highly recommend everyone to not gather indoors, such as in gyms.

To help our clients and everyone else to get through this and still being able to stay in shape, we startet developing GYM IN A BOX™ power apparel series for AT Home Toning & Shaping. You can use it anywhere, at home, at work, on the couch, while you walk your dog or play with the kids, but also on your hike or marathon, to maximize your workouts and bringing them to the ultimate level.


Nino Cristiani, CPO, Inventor & Developer ToneUp15™ Technology

Nino developed and patented the integrated new muscle stimulation technology "ToneUp15™ ", to create  the World's most efficient Body Shaper and to help everyone getting their fitness job done, in the comfort of their home or out and about. "  Nika Cristiani, CEO


Featuring Ultimate Performance Technology:

Now its's time to level up your home workout ! Our modern high-tech Corset is designed to tone, firm and strengthen abdominal muscles and mold the waist, developing a beautiful hourglass figure. 

All the MAGIC is INSIDE. Seamlessly integrated Thermal Silver E- Fabric creating an intense Abs & Core Workout by incorporating new, patent pending miniaturized Electro Muscular Stimulation, a new way to exercise, without having to spend hours in the gym, which is not possible right now anyway.

It works by sending low-frequency electric impulses to contract your muscles. 

With a few clicks on your ToneUp15™ Booster Box , you can easily choose between 6 toning modes , 4 programs and 10 intensity levels: . Recommended toning cycle for best & fastest results: 12-15 min., use max 2x/day.

 Nika Cristiani, CEO  Inventor & Designer GYM IN A BOX CoreWrap








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