Didn’t Get What You Wanted for Christmas? Get it Now with GYM IN A BOX™

Didn’t Get What You Wanted for Christmas? Get it Now with GYM IN A BOX™

When the floor surrounding your Christmas tree is littered with torn up wrapping paper and empty boxes, amid the ruins you find yourself without something special. Instead of feeling sad that you didn’t get exactly what you wanted, why not treat yourself?

After all, you probably did all that wrapping. You probably did all that shopping. And you, you probably give your all to your loved ones and feel like you’re not getting enough in return.

With little time to spare on yourself, why not make the most of it? Believe it or not, you can get that amazing body you’ve been hoping to fine-tune to perfection and not have to spend hours suffering on a treadmill or elliptical machine. Or in a Zumba class.

Get the best gift for yourself, the one you deserve. The one that basically packs an entire gym into a tiny box. And all you have to do is wear it.

That’s right. The answer to your Christmas dreams is right in front of you. And if it wasn’t under your tree, that’s OK. Because you can just click and order it now and GYM IN A BOX™ will be delivered to your door.

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GYM IN A BOX™ CoreWrap is the most efficient body shaper anywhere in the world. It comes with Ultimate Performance Technology ToneUp15™ which firms, tones, strengthens your abs, and molds your waist while you go about your life.

Magic is everywhere this season, but nothing is more magical than what’s inside the GYM IN A BOX™. It features Thermal Silver E-Fabric and patent-pending miniaturized EMS to work your muscles without you having to lift a finger (except to turn it on).

Just wear it for one session each day and start getting the results you’ve been hoping for. Christmas might be over, but you’ve still got time to get yourself the best gift of all, the gift you deserve for looking and feeling your best.

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