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Looking  for more ways to clean up your eats and add moves to whittle your middle, finally see your abs?

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Das Nothing screams fit to me like seeing those lines along someone’s mid-section.

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Let us share what we found works for us and our clients to finally get that definition.

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10 Tips to See Your Abs

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Of course you’ve got to clean up your diet, workout and generally be lean enough…but what does all of that actually look like? She kept it straightforward and simple with these ab tips.

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1. Combine full-body workouts and interval cardio training

Only doing ab exercises will not give you a six-pack. You need to remove the fat surrounding your abs by doing full-body workouts and interval cardio training (3-5 times a week).

2. Eat less and move more

Your diet is 50% of the work you put into it! You need to burn more calories that you take in to reduce body fat. My favorite saying is, “Eat Less. Move More.”



3. Eat fat-burning foods

Eat foods that are proven “fat burners,” such as lean protein, salads, and veggies. (read more on metabolic efficiency)

4. Rest your abs

Abs are just like any other muscle in your body and respond best to intense training every two days. Working them too often at a high intensity will only give you minimal progress.

5. Mix up your ab workouts

It’s more important than doing 100 crunches every day! Perform 15-20 reps of each exercise, then move on to something else. (Checkout the ab challenge for workout ideas)


6. Improving your posture

If you slouch, your stomach will pooch. Align your ears over your shoulders, and your shoulders over your hips (when sitting). To continue that further when you stand, make sure your hips are over your knees and your knees are over your ankles. Draw your navel to your spine and keep your weight even on the balls and heels.

Checkout this post on loosening your hips to lose the lower belly!

7. Believe in “slow and steady”

You have to remember there are NO fast fixes. You have to plan on a slow and steady progression. You will experience set backs, roadblocks, and frustrations along the way, but rewards come with time and consistency.


8. Engage your abs

Engage your abs during your workout (and any time you’re just sitting around too!). Aim to pull your navel in toward your back for 15 seconds every other minute.

Try this while running…it’s like doing a plank, forcing your entire core to work intensely.

9. Ignore the upper versus lower abs rule

If you’re only doing crunches that focus on your upper abs, you’re ignoring the rest of your abs—your lower ones!

Focus on TOTAL ab exercises like planks, bicycles, and leg lifts that engage your entire core.

10. Intensify your daily activities

Be active instead of sedentary. Cut down on computer and TV time and move more. Taking the stairs whenever possible and parking farther away from the store are just some ideas to add more activity to your day.

Just by increasing your daily exercise (in super simple ways!) can cut down on body fat levels and reveal that six-pack!



What is your favorite ab exercise?

What has worked for you to develop great abs? 

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