Nika Cristiani creates Fitness for the workspace with GYM IN A BOX

We are excited to announce that our GYM IN A BOX ® founder, NIKA CRISTIANI, has been featured on the latest  JULY 2024 cover of LEADERS Ultimate Edition Magazine - Modern Leadership Innovation, published by OrhIdeal Magazine. She is recognized as an innovative product inventor, wearable tech designer, developer, and manufacturer, and was awarded as a "Women in Tech2024 Innovator".

Thank you so much Orhidea Briegel Orhideal IMAGE Int. Unternehmer Entrepreneur Magazine for this amazing cover and feature in the JULY 2024 edition!

Cover story:
Leaders Ultimate Edition
July 2024

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Nika Cristiani Founder of GYM IN A BOX ®️
talks about Vitality and a fit & firm look as a success factor in leadership.

Nika Cristiani CEO about passive fitness concepts in the workplace with patented products as a global market leader, revolutionizing the operational Health Management.

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Incorporating Fitness into the Workspace with GYM IN A BOX

Nika’s recently launched "Boss Lady" BodySculpting Set, which includes the world's first all-natural fitness skincare line and a patented MicroCurrent FitBelt, has been received with great acclaim. Their patented Gym In A Box ®️ products have helped many achieve vitality and a fit appearance, making them an important factor in successful leadership. We are also proud of her upcoming presence on QVC HoneShopping TV in the UK, where she will showcase her revolutionary GYM IN A BOX ® product line. 

As a global market leader with patented products, we have revolutionized operational health management. Experience faster toning with our new deluxe "Boss Lady" Toning Set, which includes the MicroCurrent FitBelt in Hot Pink Fuchsia and our LOVE YOUR BODY Fit & Firm Sculpting Gel. The BodySculpting technology of our products makes it easy to achieve your desired body, perfect for busy Boss Ladies and Super Moms. The FitBelt, which has won multiple awards, offers adjustable settings, a self-check function, and wireless technology for optimal results in just 15 minutes per session. For even quicker results, it can be combined with our LOVE YOUR BODY Fit & Firm Sculpting Gel, which is formulated with sustainable rejuvenating ingredients and free of parabens, perfect for the modern-day boss lady lifestyle. These products are proudly offered at GYM IN A BOX by Cristiani’s Balance, Fitness & Nutrition, LLC in Beverly Hills.

Nika’s  new product line, featuring 2 powerful patents for technology & design , is incorporated in all their smart apparel and beauty devices. At GYM IN A BOX, we are constantly breaking glass ceilings, with Nika Cristiani leading the way as the woman CEO. Her journey has had its challenges, but it has only made her and our company stronger and more resilient. As women CEOs, we have a responsibility to inspire future generations to dream big and reach for their goals.

The story of GYM IN A BOX is one of perseverance and determination. Despite the obstacles faced during the pandemic and three years of business lockdowns, we have emerged stronger than ever. Nika Cristiani and her husband, Nino Cristiani, founded our Beverly Hills company in 2015 with the goal of competing with billion-dollar tech companies in the fitness industry. As industry leaders in muscle stimulating technologies, we continue to believe in achieving greatness and helping others do the same.

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Thank you Orhideal Magazine for featuring Nika Cristiani, the founder of GYM IN A BOX®, in the latest edition and on the cover of the international LEADERS Ultimate Edition Magazine - Modern Leadership Innovation - by OrhIdeal Magazine. This renowned European leadership magazine has recognized Nika for her innovative products as an inventor, wearable tech designer, developer, and manufacturer. Over the past three years, we have successfully launched 15 patented wearable technology products, providing high-quality options at an affordable price. Our range of products offers various functions, including skincare, facial and body toning, skin renewal, and anti-cellulite treatments.

As the creator and CEO of GYM IN A BOX, Nika Cristiani has shattered glass ceilings as a female entrepreneur in the tech industry. In collaboration with her husband Nino and the entire GYM IN A BOX team, she has achieved significant accomplishments and garnered recognition. Their woman-led company sets a remarkable example for future generations, proving that greatness knows no gender barriers.

Let's celebrate this remarkable journey of breaking barriers, promoting gender equality, and empowering women in business. With our products, determination, and unwavering dedication to making fitness technology accessible to all, we continue to inspire and uplift individuals.

Physical activity is widely recognized as a key element of overall health. This is exemplified by the American College of Sports Medicine's (ACSM) leadership in the #ExerciseIsMedicine initiative, in partnership with healthcare providers. This program aims to promote physical activity evaluation and encouragement as a routine part of clinical practice, with the goal of fighting chronic diseases and improving health outcomes.

Fitness professionals are well aware that regular physical activity can both prevent and manage conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer. The Exercise is Medicine campaign urges healthcare providers to view physical activity as a crucial vital sign, on par with measuring blood pressure and heart rate. This shift in perspective emphasizes the significant role of exercise in maintaining good health and preventing illness.

Healthcare providers are strongly advised to assess their patients' physical activity levels, suggest personalized exercise recommendations, and refer them to qualified fitness professionals when necessary. This collaborative approach ensures that patients receive the necessary support and guidance to adopt and maintain an active lifestyle.

Our  renowned brand, GYM IN A BOX, recognizes the significant role of physical activity in preventing and managing chronic illnesses. We strongly believe that healthcare providers hold the key to promoting physical activity to their patients, and acknowledging it as a crucial factor can result in personalized and thorough care. By working together with fitness experts, patients can receive the necessary encouragement to adopt and maintain an active lifestyle. Our innovative muscle stimulating technology, ToneUp15®, is integrated into all our state-of-the-art activewear and can be licensed to healthcare insurance providers and corporations. This promotes fitness in the workplace, reduces sick days, and boosts overall employee productivity and satisfaction. Our cutting-edge customizable fitness and recovery devices are controlled via our user-friendly app and offer extensive data and valuable features. In addition, we offer in-office 15-minute training sessions with virtual AI fitness trainers, customized meal plans for healthier eating habits, and many other beneficial features that contribute to a healthy work environment and collect crucial data.

As the #ExerciseIsMedicine movement gains momentum, we are seeing the integration of Wearable Fitness into the work space and corporate environment, providing healthcare providers with a referral option to address this important vital sign. The convergence of healthcare and corporations is happening now, and the brands that are leading this movement will emerge as long-term champions.

Stay confident, stay strong, and keep dreaming big!


Boss Lady Deluxe Toning Set by Nika Cristiani for GYM IN A BOX

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