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GYM IN A BOX COREWRAP WAIST TRIMMER for Women & Men: This extraordinary Waist Trainer is a tummy toning wonder. It is different to any other Waist Trainer that you have ever seen or tried. It features integrated massager toning boosters that with the klick on your controller unit, tone your abs, make you sweat 5 x more, reduce inches off your waist, support your lower back and create an instant hourglass figure. Enjoy additional massager function and toning boosters that tone your abs automatically in a 12 minute toning cycle, that’s  all it takes when you’re in a crunch for time but want to squeeze in a workout without lifting a finger!

 For a  proper fitting of the Fitness belt, please measure your abdomen size around your belly button and choose the proper size accordingly from our size chart !

WAIST TRAINER FUNCTIONALITY: GYM IN A BOX Waist Trimmer/ Fitness Corset will gradually slim and shape your waist, tone your abdomen as well as smooth out any lumps and bumps & give you a relaxing massage. Integrated Muscle Toning Boosters do the work, and you get the results. With the push of a button only! 

While the GYM IN A BOX  Waist Trainer Massager Corset is not meant to be worn as a ShapeWear, plenty of fans do wear the slimming belt for extra abdominal and lumbar support. Thanks to its comfort-fit, you can wear it all day to relieve pain and pressure or even improve your posture. It’s a favorite for new moms looking to train their way to a pre-baby figure, too.


GYM IN A BOX CoreWrap  Waist Trainer is not your mother’s corset. It’s made of super-stretchy neoprene fabric with a breathable mesh backing, and it’s designed to fit your body like a glove and has a double-adjustment hook-and-loop system so you can customize it to your shape. This new state-of-the-art Waist Trainer also smoothens your post baby tummy and love handles, helping you look slimmer and you may reduce calories faster through the sauna effect it creates, literally providing you with crunches, like you would do conventional sit-ups.

FLEXIBLE HIGH COMPRESSION DESIGN: Our Waist Trainer / Massager Belt is made of Neoprene, polyester, which makes the waist trimmer more flexible for the wearer. The waist Trainer slimming design features does not stab or jab like similar products. Integrated ToneUp15 STIM-FIT .

Fastened securely around your waist, the thick fabric produces heat that triggers your mid-section to sweat off fat and calories profusely, helping you trim away your tummy and love handles each and every time you work out. GYM IN A BOX’s  modern corset design will help you whittle your waist into an hourglass almost in an instant!Massaging Technology.

TUMMY TUCK & BACK SUPPORT: GYM IN A BOX Waist Trimmer / Tummy Toner is very stretchy at the right places and provides tons of support on your sides and back. This revolutionary waist trainer offers comfortable compression so you can move freely in your daily activities and comfortably squeezes your midsection so you will be able to achieve an ideal shape.