Get In on the Biggest Thing to Shake Up the Fitness Industry Right Now!

GYM IN A BOX™ CoreWrap is the most efficient body shaper anywhere in the world, and now, you can be a part of the revolution!

Sure, there are other wearable EMS products out there. But we made ours even better so you get more in return:

- Low complexity – Our design uses a proprietary print and stamp wiring that is quick and easy to integrate, making it cheaper to produce.
- Made in LA – We pride ourselves on producing from our LA workshop for top-tier quality control and production flexibility.
- Flexible production – We don’t need to produce large batches or retain stock. It’s flexible yet efficient so we can respond to customer demand.

Come be a part of our winning team and let’s bring a better way to a better body for everyone!

Our luxury device with our exclusive patented technology is already selling quickly. We want to take GYM IN A BOX™ to the next level. Electro muscular stimulation (EMS) is already used with prevalence in Europe, but in the states, it’s in its beginning phases. This gives us extreme potential for growth.

The year 2020 has been a challenging one for so many people. There are gym memberships going unused because people have the best intentions for getting fit but can’t seem to follow through. Add to that gym closures in certain areas and there are tons of people out there who could use a fitness boost.

That’s where GYM IN A BOX™ comes in. Our modern corset is filled with high-tech features that anyone can wear comfortably. It tones, firms, and strengthens abdominal muscles while sculpting the waist into the perfect hourglass contours. Inside, thermal silver e-fabric along with patented mini-EMS brings a new way to exercise to the world.

Everyone out there is looking for that quick solution to getting fit. GYM IN A BOX™ is absolutely THE solution they’re looking for. There’s no weird pills or impossible diets. It’s simply something they wear once per day. Along with reasonable activity and eating habits, the results they want are easy to achieve quickly.

Don’t miss your chance to jump into this investment with a growing company that is taking hold of this market niche and taking it straight to the top!