How to use GYM IN A BOX CoreWrap

Set up. Overall the GYM IN A BOX™️ Electronic Massager Corset set up is relatively simple. But there is a process to follow to get it working properly. Firstly, unlike like most tech products, you don’t have to download an App to use the CoreWrap, we want to keep it simple for you!

Secondly, GymInABox™️ and its accessories need setting up; The CoreWrap , and a control/power unit is all you need, and 2 Triple A batteries for the power unit.

This makes it easy to operate. The control unit has to be attached to the snaps on the Waist Trimmer.

GymInABox™️ with patented Silver E-Pads are the most advanced Stim-Fit Boosters on the market, no Gel Pads, no wires, no re-occurring costs!

When preparing to put on the CoreWrap, it’s important to get the correct alignment for the 2 silver electrodes , they should be placed to the left and the right of your belly button to get the best connection to the abdominal muscles.

Wrap the Waist Trimmer tightly around your waist , close it in front and adjust the outer belt with the Velcro pads to generate the perfect compression.

There are a variety of exercise programs in the control unit; once you have chosen the program and pressed start, the shivering coming from the muscle contraction will start.

Once you begin the program, you can increase the intensity of the massage impulses pushing the Start/ Inc button several times until you reach your desired intensity.

 Tip: Increase the intensity gradually to a level that feels uncomfortable, then leave it for a few minutes to get used to this intensity before increasing again. I find this is the best method to get up to the high intensity workouts, and getting an intense workout. GYM IN A BOX™️ can be used almost anywhere Ease Of use. Once you have completed the initial set up the CoreWrap is very simple to use and easy to get along with. Whilst it takes a few sessions to get used to using the CoreWrap’s Toning & Massaging Technology and the level of intensity that works best for you, after a few sessions it becomes very easy to use.

GYM IN A BOX™️ can be used when sat down, lying down or standing up.

To get the best work out and raise your heart rate effectively, it is best use the GYM IN A BOX™️ whilst standing as this recruits more muscle groups, resulting in an intense workout.

Occasionally moving from side to side or bending  legs up and down, plus going onto tip toes and back, increases the workout intensity for even better results.

It definitely leaves you breathing heavily at the end of an exercise session.

Overall, it looks great and gets the job done!

Build Quality. The general build quality is good; the applicators feel well made and robust. They are also soft and comfortable when being worn. This gives a good quality feel to the CoreWrap and confidence it will last a long time.

User Experience. The overall experience with GYM IN A BOX™️ has been very good, it does take about 2 sessions ( each 12 min.) of getting used to but sticking with it paid dividends and the workouts improve as you progress.

When using the GYM IN A BOX™️, You are definitely getting a decent Abs workout. High intensity settings gives a strong contraction of the muscles and an intense workout.

Well Professor Tip:
Do not take off the CoreWrap without shutting it OFF!
Just klick on the OFF/ Decrease Button or take the Controller Unit off the snaps prior to taking off the CoreWrap.