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GYM IN A BOX Los Angeles

“Our mission is to create the world’s first exclusive range of technology empowered, cutting-edge fitness fashion that empowers people to look better, feel better & perform better simply by wearing it, with the push of a button only, it gets the fitness job done for them.

Nika & Nino Cristiani have earned the esteemed title of " Inventor of the Year for 2022 “ for their  innovative GYM IN A BOX smart apparel line!

Recognized for their  pioneering work in advancing electronic muscle stimulating & body sculpting technology “ToneUp15 ®️ “ and for revolutionizing the fitness & beauty industry with cutting SMART Apparel & Beauty Devices: The pioneers in advanced Healthy Aging Solutions: NIKA & NINO Cristiani | Cristiani’s Balance, Fitness & Nutrition, LLC Beverly Hills, California


  Gym In A Box™  fits perfectly into the new Zeitgeist. Time saving, money saving, easy to use and very effective. 

We at GYM IN A BOX are Innovation driven, powered for more!
Nika Cristiani, CEO
“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old!”
The most important element of growth is differentiation. If you want to grow, then you need to differentiate, and to differentiate, you must innovate differently to create and sustain competitive advantage. That is our companies mission.

Located between the Marina‘s exclusive yacht harbor and the fitness mecca of Venice Beach, these exclusive STIM-FIT Training services are frequented by Hollywood stars and starlets and LA’s rich and beautiful. This keeps both Nika and Nino experimenting with the latest cutting-edge fitness trends and techniques from around the world, constantly improving and perfecting, to answer the fitness and beauty needs of  some of the world’s most  demanding clients.  This passion translates into state-of-the-art fitness development, patented  technology design without compromising on comfort. 

In particular, Nika and Nino have pioneered STIM-FIT TONING TECHNOLOGY in the US. It has the potential to revolutionize the fitness space, enhancing the effectiveness of conventional training by up to 20 times. In Europe, STIM-FIT has been used at the top end of the fitness spectrum for decades. For top athletes this means maximum training effectiveness and for everyone else a fit and super-toned body with minimum time investment. “Most people simply do not have the time and discipline to achieve their fitness goals. 

STIM-FIT TONING TECHNOLOGY is the key in solving this,” says Nika.  

To achieve this, Nika has now launched a new venture, called "Gym In A Box™", with the help of a team of fitness tech, marketing and startup experts in Los Angeles and Silicon Valley. Nika’s goal was to adapt STIM FIT technology so that it can be seamlessly integrated into a range of exclusive, but affordable, ActiveWear that can be worn in simple everyday situations. “Our ‘Gym In A Box™ ’ concept will bring the revolutionary potential of STIM-FIT ToneUp15 Technology into the day-to-day living of our customers, freeing women from the need to go to gyms, and enable them to fully enhance their femininity," says Nika. Women strive to be super wives, super moms, and career women. All the while, they stress about getting older, gaining weight, and competing with younger women in the workforce. Women are spending billions worldwide on buying their way into a fitness lifestyle, but most still fail to achieve their goals. The key obstacle is lack of time! Women don't have time for gyms - 67 % of all gym memberships globally are unused. 

Designed in downtown LA to be fashion forward and stylish, the first products,- Gym In A Box™ ‘CoreWrap’ , the World's First Electronic Massager Corset, launched in January 2021 and Gym In A Box™ ‘STIM-FIT Yogapants’ - will be released in 2022.  

“Achieving this has been far from easy, but I am so excited about what we are doing that it feels like nothing can stop us. Especially in these unprecedented times of COVID-19, we felt we had to bring something to the world that empowers people to look better, feel better and perform better in the comfort of their homes or out and about, easy of use, and affordable, concludes Nika. "We see an urgent need to take a more sophisticated approach to customer experience, that will allow us to strike the right balance between the use of the human touch and technology. To get that balance right, we talked to hundreds of women that we trained with our STIM-FIT devises, as well as with conventional training methods in the past two decades. We asked them about their individual needs, goals, desires and what they would love to change, if they could. Their honest and authentic answers helped us learn about their technology buying decisions as well as what we need to incorporate in our products to specifically help women engage with our wearables and truly benefit from them.

That's how we started to develop "Gym In A Box™ ".