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Tite FaceWare Face Jawline Rejuvenating Mask

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Tite Facelift Mask mindert Falten und feine Linien zu Hause und verjüngt Ihre Haut in weniger als 15 Minuten pro Behandlung / Tag.

Die weltweit erste nicht-invasive Gesichtsstraffungs-Mikrostrommaske verwendet die Anti-Aging-Mikrostrom-Technologie ToneUp15 ®️” Massage, um die über 65-Muskeln in Ihrem Gesicht sicher und effektiv zu trainieren und zu straffen  mit Leistung auf Profi-Niveau für dauerhafte Ergebnisse. TITE FaceWare-Systeme bieten die gleichen Behandlungen, die auch in berühmten Spas zu finden sind, und helfen dabei, die Gesichtskontur, das Erschlaffen und das Erscheinungsbild von feinen Linien und Falten zu verbessern  15 Minuten, damit Ihre innere Kosmetikerin eine professionelle Spa-Routine bequem von zu Hause aus genießen kann.

Das weltweit erste nicht-invasive Facelifting

  • Alterserscheinungen sichtbar reduzieren
  • Premium Micro-Current Gesichtsmaske
  • Gesicht und Kieferpartie formen, straffen und verjüngen

ToneUp15 kombiniert Mikrostrom-Gesichtstönung und -Lifting®️ Massage- und Toning-Systeme mit gezielten Behandlungsroutinen runden Ihre Gesichtsbehandlung ab  & Body Sculpting Fitness Sessions angenehm und effektiv.

Das Geheimnis strahlender, jugendlicher Haut ist nicht kompliziert. Unsere All-in-One-Gesichtsbehandlung verbessert das Erscheinungsbild Ihrer Haut dramatisch, indem sie alle häufigsten Hautprobleme bekämpft:

✔️ Falten & feine Linien

✔️ Hyperpigmentierung

✔️ Schlaffe Haut

✔️ Ungleichmäßiger Hautton

Für beste Ergebnisse verwenden Sie es jeden Tag für 15 Minuten.





Es funktioniert auf zwei Arten:
Da ist zunächst unser ToneUp15®️ Micro-Current-Technologie. Es sendet heilende Wellen durch Ihre Hautschichten und strafft und strafft die Haut nachweislich, reduziert feine Falten (und verhindert, dass sie wieder auftreten) und liefert heilende Inhaltsstoffe sechsmal tiefer.

Dann entsteht das in Kombination mit Ihrer herkömmlichen anreichernden Gesichtsmaske  ein Schub an Nährstoffen und Mikrowährung. Die Moleküle dringen tief in Ihre Haut ein und sorgen für eine ernsthafte Hydratations- und Nährstoffdosis. Die Nährstoffmischung  hilft auch, Ihr Kollagen neu zu starten und Ihre Hautbarriere vor weiteren Schäden zu schützen.

Aktualisieren Sie Ihre Hautpflegeroutine! Die elektronische Mikrostrom-Gesichtsschönheitsmaske maximiert die von Ihnen verwendeten Hautpflegeprodukte. Durch die Verwendung von ToneUp15 Boostern und der Feuchtigkeit und den Nährstoffen Ihrer herkömmlichen Gesichtsmaske darunter für eine bessere Leitfähigkeit und Geschmeidigkeit hilft dieses Gerät, die Bewegungen aktiver Ionen zu beschleunigen, um ein schnelles Eindringen von Nährstoffen in die tiefe Hautschicht zu ermöglichen. Dieses Gerät ist für alle Hauttypen geeignet und kann auch ohne Kosmetika verwendet werden, um die Muskelbewegung und die Kollagenregeneration zu fördern, um feine Linien zu verjüngen, die Haut zu straffen, Ödeme zu beseitigen und sogar die Hautfarbe aufzuhellen. Dieser verfügt außerdem über 3 Modi und 10 Intensitäten, mit denen Sie sich an Ihre Hautbedürfnisse anpassen können. Es ist außerdem einfach zu verwenden, sicher und hygienisch, da es zu 100 % waschbar ist..


  • Elektronische Maske Micro Current Facial Beauty Device
  • 1 Toning-Booster-Gerät
  • 1 Fernbedienung
  • 1 Lithium-Batterie
  • USB-Stromkabel
  • Bedienungsanleitung

Q: “What is GYM IN A BOX MicroCurrent Smart Apparel and why is it better than Ozempic?  Discover the Tingling Sensation of our patented ToneUp15®️ MicroCurrent Technology infused Active Wear for the entire Body + Face, because your face needs a workout, too! 

With the help of our Smart  devices, you can easily target specific areas of your body by adjusting the mode and massage intensity using the host. And the best part? Our Smart Sculpting set comes with a power self-check function for your convenience.

Are you tired of trying every weight loss solution out there, only to end up gaining more weight afterward? Are you fed up with spending a fortune on expensive treatments and medications that promise results but fail to deliver? Well, let me introduce you to a game-changer – GYM IN A BOX Magic MicroCurrent infused Active Wear. Yes, you heard that right. GYM IN A BOX is here to prove that it's way better than using Ozempic or any other fancy medications.

Let's face it, medications like Ozempic may promise weight loss, but they do nothing for your overall health and wellness. Sure, they may help you shed some pounds, but do they build muscles or improve your fitness? No. But fear not, because GYM IN A BOX is here to save the day.

Our patented technology, based on 60 years of science, is the answer to all your weight loss woes. And our latest and most advanced variant, ToneUp15 ®️, is what you need to get in shape. Just push a button and let our MicroCurrent  do the rest. Say goodbye to extra inches, cellulite, and back pain with the all-natural, non-invasive, and risk-free ToneUp15®️ Wearable Fitness & Beauty Technology. 

Our innovative SMART WORKOUT gear is designed to target your entire body, including problem areas like your abs, back, booty, arms, and legs. Our patented ToneUp15®️ BodySculpting technology will help tone your muscles, decrease cellulite and stretch marks, and give you the same results as a 90-minute gym session in just a fraction of the time. Say goodbye to long hours at the gym and hello to convenience with our Gym in a Box home workout solution.Experience improved muscle tone, reduced cellulite and stretch marks, and a sculpted physique with just one click on a button.

Do not use it when pregnant.

If you are not feeling well, have heart disease, MS, diabetes, cancer, epilepsy, or any other diseases, please consult your doctor first and do not use it.

Q: Will it help me lose weigh?
ToneUp15® like mechanical exercises, makes your muscles work and thereby burns calories. Studies have shown that this can be a supporting factor in a balanced weight loss program.

Q: "Is it vibrating?“
The effect of the integrated ToneUp15 ® 
Massaging Boosters can make it feel like the product is vibrating, it gives you a tingling sensation whike it contracts and relaxes your muscles. But this effect comes from the contractions of your own stomach muscles. So when you feel a vibrating effect, it is coming from your abs working out. 

Q: “I am thin, can I use it?”
Your body shape does not matter. Everyone can benefit from the effects of our ToneUp15® technology. Just because you are thin does not mean that your muscles are toned or strong. And even if they are,  can still help you to improve their strength and shape.

Q: “Will it create muscles and tone abs?”
Your body creates abs. But it does so only if it is stimulated to do so, that is why we exercise. Wearing GYM IN A BOX with active  ToneUp15® Technology is  great way to support this as it give you an easy way to achieve this stimulation without having to do taxing exercises on a regular basis. 

Q: "Can it hurt me?“
Any effective fitness equipment has the ability to hurt you if used incorrectly. However, working out with  ToneUp15® is particularly kind on your joints and back and can therefore be a safer option for working out than many mechanical exercises. If you follow the product instructions, the product will be safe. Always think of safety first whatever you do. 

Q: “Can I wash it?"
The Smart Apparel can be hand washed as per instructions, but the Power Host & the snaps must be protected from all liquids and moisture. 

Q: “ What does the technology do?”
The technology uses low level ToneUp15® technology to achieve muscle contractions that are similar to a mechanical workout, such as crunches etc. A the top level, it is used by athletes to achieve peak workout performance. For daily use it provides a great support for regular workouts without having to do taxing manual workouts. 

Q: “Will it make me slimmer?”
ToneUp15® like mechanical exercises, makes your muscles work and thereby burns calories. Studies have shown that this can be a supporting factor in a balanced weight loss program.

Q: “Is it safe?”
Any effective fitness equipment has the ability to hurt you if used incorrectly. However, working out with  ToneUp15® is particularly kind on your joints and back and can therefore be a safer option for working out than many mechanical exercises. If you follow the product instructions, the product will be safe. Alway think of safety first whatever you do.

Q: “How long to see results?“
Every body is different and there are no hard and fast rules. Depending on your body you may feel results from the very first use. As with normal workouts, regular use and a healthy lifestyle are preconditions for any positive results. Our research and testimonies vary from noticeable results within the first 8-10 sessions to longer periods. 

Q: “Can I use it at the gym?“
Yes. You can use GYM IN A BIX  in any situation that is safe, as it is wireless wearable FitTech. Adding it to your gym routine can be a very effective way in getting to your desired results sooner. 

Q: “How often can I use it?”
Exercise is only effective is it is done regularly. You can use GYM IN A BOX daily. Each program has an automatic shut-off to prevent over-use in single sessions. 

Q: “Which size should I choose?”
Please use the size instructions on the products website. 

Q: “Can men use it as well?“
Absolutely, GYM IN A BOX is unisex, gender neutral and can give men and women the same benefits. 

Q: “I’m 70 + can I use it?“
Absolutely, GYM IN A BOX can be used throughout all adult ages. However, if you have any underlying health conditions, please check with your doctor first.   

Q: “I’m pregnant can I use it?“
We do not recommend the use of ToneUp15® while you are pregnant. Please consult with your medical practitioner prior to any performance related physical workouts.

Q: "What’s the difference to conventional Shape-Wear?"
GYM IN A BOX not only gives you the same shaping benefits as conventional Shape-Wear while wearing it, it also actively stimulates your muscles and helps your body tone and burn fat and improving the appearance of your skin simply by wearing it.

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A hero product

This MicroCurrent facial mask by GYM IN A BOX is my absolute hero product, it definitely delivers everything they say it would - and more

This EMS Mask is AMAZING

This saved me hundreds of Dollars in MicroCurrrent facial, delivering the same results. Couldn’t be happier! Such a low price for so much value! Gotta love it ! Thanks GYM IN A BOX , love your products

IM 76 and this really does wonders

I can only recommend this micro current facial mask to everyone, the before after us on their gallery because I was so happy to share the results!

My skin neve looked better!

I love this MicroCurrent facemask by gym in a Box, my skin has NEVER LOOKED BETTER.

Love this hand-free Facelift Device

Been using this micro current facelift mask for a month now and the results are astonishing! I don’t want to ever miss this in my daily skincare routine, it delivers skin toning and tightening results almost instantly, like everything from GYM IN A BOX. and I love that it’s a hands free device so I can take of anything else while it tightens my facial muscles, it’s literally a workout for the face. I’m obsessed and so is everyone I recommended this to!!

Customer Reviews

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All natural, no Jo-Jo effect, no more saggy skin

Trage es. Wickeln Sie es ein. Ton es!