NIKA’ s WORLD Magazine July 2024 New WOOYCE ®️APP

In this months edition of NIKA’s WORLD Magazine ,  where we feature extraordinary stories and the most  innovative products from all over the world , we are excited to introduce to you the innovative voice analysis tool, WOOYCE®️, that has been developed by award-winning neuroscientists and BrainTuning experts, Simone and Josua Kohberg in Germany.

This revolutionary app focuses on the uniqueness of individual personalities and how they contribute to a harmonious and successful workplace. With a personal approach to personnel and optimal team composition, mid-sized and family-owned businesses have a knack for creating ideal workplaces, often intuitively. WOOYCE®️ breaks away from traditional personality tests by using objective, scientific voice analyses to provide deep insights into personality traits and development potentials.
Intuition is valuable, but precise voice analysis through WOOYCE®️ is even more effective. Currently available only in German, preparations are in progress to introduce this groundbreaking voice profiling tool to the English-speaking market. The app's unique feature is its ability to reveal an individual's authentic self and utilize their most promising character traits, leading to increased employee satisfaction and productivity. By scientifically evaluating voice prints, WOOYCE®️ provides concrete measures for optimal team building and personal development within the workplace, making it a valuable asset for any organization.

With Originality and Harmony to Success: How Corporate WOOYCE®️ Reveals the Unique Fingerprint of Workplace Harmony and Creates Ideal Employers - What Makes IDEAL Workplaces, and Why Are So Many Found in Mid-Sized Companies?

The secret lies in the originality and diversity of unique personalities that thrive in harmonious teams. Mid-sized and family-owned businesses often have a personal approach to personnel and a knack for optimal team composition – though this is often done intuitively!

This is where the award-winning neuroscientists and BrainTuning experts Simone and Josua Kohberg come in with their revolutionary voice analysis app, WOOYCE®️, which we celebrate as patrons of the "IDEAL workplace" project. Their vision: a harmonious working world where each employee is utilized according to their most promising character traits and finds authenticity, further potential, and thus self-fulfillment within the company. WOOYCE breaks away from traditional personality tests by using objective, scientific voice analyses to provide deep insights into personality traits and development potentials.


What entrepreneurs have only felt or suspected until now is measured, mathematically calculated, visualized, and made strategically usable by this sensational tool. It fosters a work environment where everyone feels comfortable and can flourish. This innovative profile analysis transforms recruiting and team-building by enabling a perfect match between individual skills and job requirements – the recipe for increased employee satisfaction and productivity! The uniqueness of individual team members becomes visible through voice prints, which are then scientifically evaluated. The insights are then applied as concrete measures in business practice, leading to success.

Intuition is good, precise voice analysis through WOOYCE®️ is better! Although the product is not yet available in English, preparations are already underway, and soon it will be possible to try this entirely new and highly effective type of voice profiling in the English-speaking market.It

Nika Cristiani: Dear Simone and Josua Kohberg, congratulations on becoming patrons of the "IDEAL workplace" project. Your passionate commitment to analyzing personality potentials has caused quite a stir on our entrepreneur platform. We want to highlight your invention in this project. The IDEAL workplace motto, "Good Mood - Good Performance in Mid-Sized Companies," fits perfectly with your groundbreaking voice analysis app, WOOYCE®️. We are excited to have you here today to discuss it. Your scientific methods are changing how we think about personal development and team building in business. Let's start with the origin story of WOOYCE®️. What inspired you as scientists to develop this unique approach?

Simone Kohberg: Thank you, Ms. Cristiani. We are honored to support the core idea of the IDEAL workplace project with our capabilities. The inspiration for WOOYCE®️ came from our neuroscientific research on authenticity and self-fulfillment. The demand grew within the community formed around our product NEOOS®️ (a method for learning languages through the skin using ultrasound technology, detailed in the cover story "INVENTORS of the year" in OrhIDEAL Magazine:

Nika Cristiani: Fascinating! Ms. Kohberg, how does WOOYCE®️ differ from traditional personality tests, and what makes it unique in recruiting and team building?

Simone Kohberg: The main difference lies in the methodology. While traditional tests rely on self-assessments that can be subjective and manipulated, WOOYCE®️ uses the objective, scientifically-based analysis of the voice. Our app captures the unique frequencies and tones of a voice, providing insights into personality traits, strengths, and areas for development. This allows for a deep understanding of the individual and collective potential of a team.

Nika Cristiani: That sounds like a groundbreaking innovation that fundamentally transforms the process of team building and development in companies. Could you give us a brief overview of how WOOYCE works?

Simone Kohberg: Using WOOYCE is very user-friendly. After downloading the app, you simply follow the integrated instructions. The core process involves the mathematical analysis of your voice's frequency patterns to identify the combination of your individual base tone and accompanying overtones. Similar to your fingerprint, which makes you unique, your voice has this distinctiveness. Whether you modulate, train, or leave your voice in its natural state, your base tone remains consistently identifiable and, most importantly, visualizable. WOOYCE represents an innovative, imaging, and mathematical method of character analysis enabled by capturing these frequencies. These parameters are unique and constant, serving as reliable indicators for scientific analysis.

Nika Cristiani: This is perfect. It provides a tool for monitoring development. You've presented the fascinating world of voice analysis with such ease and enthusiasm that one could almost forget we're talking about science and not the latest season of a talent show. (We laugh) No wonder people are eager to see the results of their voice analyses.

Simone Kohberg: Yes, that's true, Ms. Cristiani! Everyone is excited to experience their analysis and learn how they can use these new insights for themselves and in their leadership roles. Who knows what hidden talents are waiting to be discovered and celebrated. We're glad that WOOYCE resonates so well on your platform and that entrepreneurs and their teams are taking the opportunity to advance their personal development and contribute to a more pleasant working environment through voice analysis.

(Note: The product is not yet available in English, but preparations are underway to make this innovative type of voice profiling accessible to the English-speaking market soon.)

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